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Title: 論宋澤萊臺語詩「一枝煎匙」的用字與用詞
Other Titles: Yi-Zhi-Jian-Shi:=A Study of Character and Lexicon in the Taiwanese Poetry of Song Ze-Lai
Authors: 林香薇
Siang-Uei Lin
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文以宋澤萊臺語詩《一枝煎匙》為範圍,討論該書的用字習慣、詞彙的選用及語層,並由此探索宋氏的語言觀。首先,選取《一枝煎匙》裡的十首詩,將其中臺語特有詞的用字加以分類,與Chen(1989)對宋澤萊的臺語小說〈抗暴?打貓市〉的用字作一比對,以觀察宋氏用字習慣的轉變。結果發現:第一、宋氏的用字向來是以字源字為主;第二、宋氏較少使用方言字,所以出現頻率都偏低;第三、從〈抗暴?打貓市〉(1987)到《一枝煎匙》(2001),宋氏的標音字和標義字的使用比率大幅升高,尤其是標音字的部份。 其次,討論詞彙的選用及語層。文中依臺華共通語層、文言層、本土層、移借層這四個語層,來分析《一枝煎匙》裡詞彙選用的情形,及各語層間如何共存、讀者在讀法上遭遇的各種問題等。研究發現,該書常常夾雜華語詞彙、文言語詞,使得文讀音語詞大量增加,尤其是華語用而臺語不使用的詞彙,往往阻礙了讀者的閱讀。
In this study I discuss the customary word choice, use of character and lexical strata in "Yi-Zhi-Jian-Shi," the Taiwanese poetry of Song Ze-lai, and then explore Song's concepts regarding language. First I select ten poems from the book to classify the use of Taiwanese character. Next, by looking at Chen's (1989) analysis of the use of character in Song's Taiwanese fiction "Kang-bao-e-Dao-mao-shi" (1987), I elucidate Song's "transition" in the use of character. I find that, first, song's use of character is mainly etymological and, second, he uses a less Taiwanese character. Thirdly, from "Kang-bao-e-Da-mao-shi" (1987) to "Yi-zhi-Jian-Shi" (2001), Song uses more biao-yin and biao-yi characters than previously, especially the former. Furthermore I will discuss Song's word choice and lexical strata. According to a division into tai-hua common, wen-yan, Taiwanese and borrowed strata, I can analyze the word choice in "Yi-Zhi-Jian-Shi" and see how several lexical strata can coexist and what sounds the reader will need to pronounce. We can see that in this book Song often mixes Taiwanese with Mandarin and wen-yan vocabulary; therefore, the total literary lexicon of Song's reader will be greatly increased, although the Mandarin vocabulary may sometimes hinder the reader's comprehension.
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