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Title: 淺談如何輔導普通班中之情緒困擾行為
Other Titles: How do We Manage the Emotionally Disturbed Behaviors in Regular Classroom
Authors: 吳麗寬
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 近來,有愈來愈多的情緒困擾學生於普通班中接受教育。因此,針對如何輔導普通班中之情緒困擾行為,本文將由三方面來探討:建立正向的教室氣氛、有效的教師、有效的教學。一個正向、組織良好的班級環境,可促進學生成功;創造一正面的教室環境,教師扮演一重要的角色,有效的教師對於教學與學習展現出熱忱、是被學生喜歡的並對自己和學生有正向期望。有效的教師應針對學生正向的行為給予正向回饋並實施適當的策略,使普通班中的每位學生皆能成功的學習以促進真正的融合。
Recently, more and more students with emotional disturbance were educated in the regular classroom. How to guide the emotionally disturbed behaviors in regular classroom was discussed in this article from three aspects: building positive classroom atmosphere, being an efficient teacher, and having effective instruction. A positive and well-organized classroom environment could promote students being successful on learning. The teacher played an important role on creating a positive classroom environment. An efficient teacher who could express enthusiasm on instruction and learning was favored by students and held positive expectation on self and students. An efficient teacher should provide positive feedback and appropriate strategies on students' positive behaviors in order to make every student in regular classrooms learn successfully to actualize inclusion.
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