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Titel: 第十屆亞太聾教育會議紀要
Sonstige Titel: The 10th Asian Pacific Congress on Deafness
Autoren: 陳小娟
Hsiao-Chuan Chen
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-2011
Herausgeber: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Zusammenfassung: 第十屆亞太聾教育會議(主題「分享與關心人人的聽覺」)2009年8月4至7日在泰國曼谷舉行,與會者約四百人,來自24個國家,本國5人與會。第一天會前會是美國柯羅拉多州瑪麗安唐恩中心的團隊主講「新生兒全面性聽力篩檢之實務與成效」,第二至四天大會安排特別演講、主題討論、口頭報告(邀請與自由投稿)、圓桌討論、工作坊以及海報形式之報告,下次會議將於2012年在新加坡舉辦。
The 10th Asia Pacific Congress on Deafness (APCD) was held in Bangkok, Thailand during August 4-7, 2009. The theme was “Hearing for all…from birth toadvanced age… We share-We care”. More than 400 participants from 24 countries gathered together in this event, and five were from Taiwan. The preconference was presented by the team from Marion Downs Center, Colorado, USA. The topic was “Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening-Practical Approach and Outcome”. The organizing committee arranged various forms of presentation, including special lectures, plenary sessions and free papers as well as posters. Next APCD conference is appointed to be held in Singapore in 2012.
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