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Title: 由障礙研究典範改變觀點論ICF與ICF
Other Titles: From the Perspective of Changing Paradigm on Disability Study to Discuss the Implication of ICF and ICF-CY in Special Education
Authors: 王國羽
Kuo-Yu Wang
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract:   本文由身心障礙研究典範改變的觀點討論聯合國世界衛生組織所開發的國際健康、功能與障礙定義分類系統(International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, ICF)與ICF-CY (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth)兩套編碼系統,未來對我國特殊教育體制可能的運用與貢獻。  我國特殊教育體制目前仍採取強調兒童的「特殊」需求角度作為提供教育的依據與國際趨勢不太相同。我國特殊教育強調兒童需要符合某種「特殊」的資格,作為決定兒童教育的內涵。本文由障礙典範的角度切入,探討ICF與ICF-CY這兩個相關的評估工具,作者要提醒的是這兩套評估工具本身傳達的是過去將近三十年整個西方國家與國際社會對身心障礙者概念與研究論述的改變。未來我國因實施身心障礙者權益保障法,該法要求障礙者需先經過ICF評估需求之後,才提供服務。這樣的規定遲早會影響我國的特殊教育提供。  本文採取文獻討論方式,探討ICF與ICF-CY在教育領域的運用與貢獻,希望國內對ICF編碼系統學習與運用的過程中,讓大家瞭解這套制度的價值與潛力。
This short article aims to provide an overview of how and in what way ICF and ICF-CY coding system may contribute to special education in Taiwan. In last two decades, international community has adopted a functioning approach to study disability experiences under which WHO has published two major classification system (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, and International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth), both system have their contribution to special education. In this article, the author takes these two coding system as one set to analysis their application to special education.Special Education System in Taiwan has been implementing for nearly four decades. It has own separated system under which it applies different assessment scheme and procedure to delivery service to children. The current special education system has applied methods to divide and category children with special needs into its system, which has not fully integrated the major theme of ICF and ICF-CY to our system. The newly past Rights Protection Act for People with Disabilities required any service being delivered to people with disabilities needed to be assessed under ICF system. This new requirement could impact on our special education system sooner or later. In this article, the author documented how other country has been using ICF to provide inclusive education to children with disabilities.In this article, the author searched documents or paper published from 2000 and beyond to focus on two major points: One is discussion on implication of ICF to assess children’s disability, and the other one is to provide how other countries adopt this ICF and ICF-CY to special education. It is hoped that this review article could bring out discussion debated in Taiwan and to clear issues concerning how to apply ICF and ICF-CY to Taiwan.
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