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Title: 標籤與雙重特殊學生
Other Titles: Label and Twice-Exceptional Students
Authors: 黃文慧
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 以文獻探討方式討論在現行特殊教育分類標籤下雙重特殊學生的相關議題。文中首先透過社會互動的脈絡,探討社會學標籤與特殊教育標籤的作用與彼此間的關係;其次,將焦點放在雙重特殊學生的生活世界上,分別從雙重特殊學生外在、內在生活世界分析;最後從標籤對雙重特殊學生的影響分析二者的關係。藉由分類標籤的視框以及社會學的觀點,切入雙重特殊學生的議題。歸結以下論點:一、在現有法令與垂直分類系統下,標籤可能會對雙重特殊學生造成發展上的限制。相對地,若能以水平思考角度切入標籤議題,則或許是可能思考的方向。二、若從正面意義看待標籤'則標籤其實帶有正視刻板印象以及提供正確理解開始之功能,進一步可以從標籤的權力結構檢視標籤系統內成員間的關係,或可是從社會學的標籤立場思考特殊教育標籤的另一種角度。
The reviewing article explored the situation about the twice-exceptional students under the labels of nowadays special education. First, explored the interaction and relationship between labels of sociology and special education by the context of social interaction. Second, focused on analyzing their inside and outside world of twice-exceptional students. Finally, analyzed the label effect to the twice-exceptional students. It was concluded that in one hand, there would be limit of twice-exceptional student development by labeling under present regulation and classified systems. In the other hand, labels helped facing the stereotype in order to understand on the right way. Moreover, it provided alternative perspective to discuss relationship among labeled members by its power structure.
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