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Title: 學術性電子期刊經濟行為之剖析(中)
Other Titles: Economic Analyses of Scholarly Electronic Journal: Part 2
Authors: 景祥祜
Hsiang-Hoo S. Ching
Chia-Lin Shih
J. J. Chang-Chien
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 由於資訊與通信科技的發展與應用,導致資訊傳播式產生重大變革,並促成學術性電子期刊的出現,直接衝擊傳統學術性期刊機構的生存,其應如何調適才可以因應未來趨勢?而學術研究者與圖書館館員面對新的資訊商品或勞務形式,以有限的預算,如何選擇可以滿足其所服務學術社群並獲得最大效用?又因學術性電子期刊具備公共財的特性,為擴大其外部性,政府補助政策又該如何妥適規劃?均是面對數位化時代亟待解決的重大課題。本文將由經濟學的角度剖析學術性電子期刊的市場行為,包括學術性電子期刊的需求面及供給面分析、其價格的決定(定價方式)、公共經濟面分析(外部性與市場失靈)以及政府部門最適切補助政策等面向的探討。本文共分三部分,上篇首先經由學術性電子期刊市場行為的描述,分別就需求、供給兩個層面進行分析,以釐清學術研究者、圖書館間不同的需求模式,進而透過學術性電子期刊出版夜的瞭解,探討其如何因應數位化時代的閱讀趨勢。中篇繼續針對學術性電子期刊的市場結構及出版流程所形成的進入障礙,再針對所具備電子媒體可分割性及套裝組合銷售的特性,探討其價格策略的訂定。下篇將就公共經濟面進行分析,進而討論政府部門應如何規劃最適切補助政策,以建構一個可以因應數位化時代最佳化的資訊情境,及如何由買方(圖書館)主導市場,形成雙贏(win-win)的局面。
Electronic publishing and the Internet are changing the discipline of the journals managed by traditional publishers. Under their budget constraint, scholars and librarians are struggling for the choice of new medium for obtaining needed information goods and services, traditional publishers are developing operation schemes for electronic access to their intellectual assets, and governments are searching for optimal subsidy policies for acquisition of electronic resources. This study applies traditional economic approaches to scholarly electronic journal publishing. There are four basic economic issues that this study will address: scholars and libraries' demand for sources of scholarly articles, the production and distribution of scholarly journal, scholar electronic journal pricing strategies, and the externalities of shared information goods and services. Part 1 of this three-part article discusses the market economics of scholarly electronic journal publishing business work. It also describes choices among scholars, librarians, and publishers. It provides background for some of economic issues, as well as observations on the impact of new mediums on library resource acquisitions. Part 2 introduces the scholarly electronic journal publishing's market structure, pricing strategies, and barriers to entry in the publishing industry. Part 3 reviews the existing government subsidy policy for scholarly information goods and services based on network delivery, with a view to considering the prominent implication for versioning and bundling, and how to gather the buyers' power to lead the market by forming the regional and national consortia(people network of librarians).
Other Identifiers: 9C8CAAD0-71C4-33E9-8174-3CD975FE15C3
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