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Title: 圖書館系統中的主題編目和社會性標記
Other Titles: Subject Cataloging and Social Tagging in Library Systems
Authors: Dongyun Ni
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 在圖書館界,控制詞彙早已被專業編目人員為方便使用者檢索圖書館資料所使用並加以維護。最近,社會性標記已被廣泛應用於許多社交網站,如Flickr和Delicious。這種現象反映了網路使用者對於網路社群中資訊組織和檢索的需求。本報告著重闡述當前社會性標記在圖書館的應用和主題標目資料在傳統圖書目錄模式之外的使用。同時介紹一些圖書館系統的發展和值得推薦的具體實踐以體現資訊領域專業人士為使用者提供更個性化的友善的書目服務所做的努力。本文還試圖探討主題編目和社會性標記在圖書館資訊系統未來可能的發展方向。
In the library world, controlled vocabularies have long been created and maintained by professional catalogers for ease of retrieving relevant library materials. Recently, social tagging has been widely applied in many social network sites such as Flickr and Delicious. This phenomenon reflects the needs of online users for information organization and retrieval in online communities. This report focuses on current development in social tagging applications in libraries and uses of subject headings data beyond traditional library catalog model. Some good practices and library system developments are introduced to demonstrate improvements information professionals have made to provide more personalized and friendly bibliographical services and assist users to explore library collections more efficiently. It also attempts to point out possible future development directions in social tagging and subject cataloging in library information systems.
Other Identifiers: 701C8CDE-5170-FCE4-DD37-3521631A20F6
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