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Title: 壽險顧問銷售流程的隱性知識之研究
Other Titles: A Study in Tacit Knowledge of Life Planner in Selling Process Research via Repertory Grid Technique
Authors: 陳佳惠
Issue Date: Oct-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 壽險顧問被視為「知識工作者」,其所提供的專業服務,有時很難用言語來表達清楚。而壽險顧問在銷售流程中的技術,除了專業性的知識養成外,另一部份則必須透過個人長時間之銷售經驗累積、與社群交流互動及由資深人員經驗傳承中習得。本研究歸納出壽險顧問銷售知識之四種面向:銷售適應、關係能力、情緒智力及專業知識,銷售流程步驟是不斷交互進行的,並透過方格技術的分析發現每位壽險顧問對銷售元素認知之解釋及意義都不同,彼此之間必然存在著銷售技術的認知差異,這些陳述的理解則可透過方格資料萃取之構念而瞭解。專家的隱性知識的學習是建構在不斷地互動實踐上,故必須大量的互動及長時間銷售經驗累積,本研究建議想要進入銷售領域的壽險從業人員,應先培養對於銷售知識的四個層面之認知、熟悉每個階段的銷售技巧,因壽險顧問的構念有助於進一步了解銷售流程當中可能會應用的隱性知識,且能夠讓新進人員更容易瞭解其意義及作法,可以有效掌握銷售流程技術、以利非專家可較迅速進入壽險顧問銷售的專業領域。
Life planner is seen as "knowledge worker", which provides professional services are difficult to express explicitly. For technical aspect of selling process, in addition to life planner's professional knowledge, to learn and accumulate the experience have to via personal long-period selling experience, community and exchange interaction, and senior's inheritance. The purpose of this research is focus on tacit knowledge of life planner in selling process research via Repertory Grid Technique. The result shows there was cognition difference existed inevitable among each of the life planners, there are four dimensions: Sale Adaptation, Relationship Capacity、Emotional intelligence and Professional Knowledge, and we can find out the reason and constructs extracted from Repertory Grid Technique. In fact, all the life planners have their personal cognition of sale techniques; moreover, the meaning and interpretation of these sale elements cognitions are difference between experts and non-experts. This research give some advices for people who want to become a life planner, to well know about these four dimensions and familiar with the techniques in each step are necessary. Overall, the concept of life planner can be helpful to well know the tacit knowledge which might be used during personal selling process. Furthermore, it can also make the fresh to understand the meaning and method, so that they can have the technique of selling process and get involved in life planner's professional domain effectively.
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