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Title: 專利指標發展研究
Other Titles: A Study of Indicators for Knowledge Originality and Knowledge Generality in Library & Information Science
Authors: 阮明淑
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 鑑於專利資訊在現今產業發展中扮演重要的角色,專利指標成為度量專利資訊的重要參考。本文整理專利指標的發展演進及其在臺灣地區的相關研究,歸納出專利指 標的應用分類與意涵。目前在臺灣地區的專利指標相關應用研究中,可以將專利指標區分為專利一般特性指標、專利引用指標與專利技術指標等,分別描述專利的一 般特徵、引用與被引用的情況,以及技術的表現。如此正好呈現專利資訊的本質,若再配合時間與專業領域的因素,並以數量、頻率或複合指標的形式呈現,即可對 公司、產業與國家等不同的對象提供適切之參考依據。本研究說明目前專利指標研究的概況,可以作為未來相關專利指標研究發展的基礎,更希望可以提供相關政策 制定和產業佈局上專利指標選用之參考。
Because nowadays the patent information plays the important role of the industrial development, the patent indexes become the important reference to evaluate the patent information. This article provides the development of the patent indexes and related researches in Taiwan, and generalizes the application of classification and implication of the patent indexes. Presently the related patent index researches in Taiwan could be distinguished the patent indexes into general characteristic, the quotation and the technology and so on. Such discrimination shows the essence of the patent information and if it can compare with the factors of time and professional fields and presents in the forms of the quantity, frequency or composite indexes, it can provide the appropriate information to the company, the industry or the country. This article not only offers the understanding of the present researches of the patent indexes, but also provides the reference of the policy formulation and the industrial layout.
Other Identifiers: 03CC8A62-5393-16F0-2EEC-3070FE8E59F4
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