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Title: 明代書家對鍾繇法帖的接受與詮釋─以祝允明[出師表]為個案之研究
Other Titles: The reception and interpretation of Zhong You calligraphy in Ming Dynesty -a study on Zhu Yung Ming Chushibiao
Authors: 朱書萱
Zhu, Shu-xuan
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文主要藉由對祝允明[出師表]小楷作品寫作背景與風格的分析,探討鍾繇傳統在明代的發展;以及[薦季直表]在蘇州地區的流傳,對當時藝術家與書法創作的影響。其中主要涵蓋兩個課題,一是明代對鍾繇書法傳統的理解與重新詮釋。二是鍾繇小楷墨蹟本[薦季直表]以一種新典範出現,書法家如何甄別、判斷與取捨,並進而運用鍾繇元素,創造具有時代性的新藝術形式。
The aim of this research is to realize the reception and interpretation of Zhong Youtradition among the artists in the Ming dynasty after the appearance of Jianjizhibiao, a very wellknown regular script spread in the Suzhou area by Zhong You during the middle of the Mingperiod. The development of Kaishu depending on the Zhong You tradition has played a crucial rolein calligraphic works throughout the time. This study focuses on the background and the techniqueof the Zhu Yung Ming Chushibiao, which is obviously affected by the style of Jianjizhibiaorather than other works of Zhong You. The intention of following Jianjizhibiao has madeChushibiao a very unique and creative work that presents a new vision in the field of calligraphy.Through the discussion in the contexts by many of the scholars and a form analysismethodology for this artwork, how artists conform to the Wei Jin tradition and the approachthey create for the ideal images in their works will be explored.
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