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Title: 司馬承禎生平詳考
Other Titles: Detailed Survey of Sima Chengzhen's Life
Authors: 林庭孙
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 學界對於司馬承禎之研究一向以其思想與著作為主,對於其人之認識往往僅概略述之。實則有關司馬承禎生平之相關史料及文獻極多,且往往有彼此差異或矛盾之處。而一般論著囿於討論主題之偏重不同,常常簡略帶過,殊為可惜。本文嘗詴以各種文獻資料之呈現,在現有研究成果的基礎之上,針對司馬承禎基本資料、師承、居處、交游、奉召、卒殁及傳法相關問題加以綜合考辨,冀得較為全面而完整地檢視司馬承禎生平及其思想背景,並於文後將歷代關於司馬承禎的傳記資料,略加整理為一表,以便往後研究者之參照。
As far as the research on Sima Chengzhen is concerned, the academic scholars have always given priority to his thought and works while only making a brief description of his life. Actually there are plenty of related historical information and documents about his life, and they are considerably different from and contradictory to one another. It is a pity that Sima Chengzhen's life is often concisely depicted in the common treatises which are confined to differently-emphasized subjects. Hoping to survey Sima Chengzhen's life and thinking background more ixtensively and completely, I, on the basis of the present available research achievements, try to make use of various historical information and documents to in detail survey Sima Chengzhen's personal information, knowledge sources, life, companions, being summoned by the emperor, death, and passing down his doctrines and skills. In addition, an appendix of the biographic information about Sima Chengzhen in all the past dynasties is attached at the back of the book to be the future researchers' reference.
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