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Title: 直視擁抱與從容超越
Authors: 曾進豐
Tseng, Chin-feng
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 死亡以「懸臨」誘惑著世人,周夢蝶既發現它的堅強,同時萌生難以克制的追求衝動。深度沉思死亡,偶而邂逅,反覆數說,不斷地與之周旋、對話。透過時間神竊、魂與墳等意象系列,書寫死亡,理解死亡;在超離現實的夢中世界,與幽靈相視而笑、骷髏擁抱舞蹈,賦予死亡幻美想像;循老子「復歸」之路徑,回到生命的初始和理想狀態,甚至還原到陰陽未割、天地未開的洪荒渾沌;同時,遂行藝術拯救,照見永恆,堅信灰燼孕育消息,必能還魂再來。本文尋繹周夢蝶的死亡情結,析探詩人由嚮往追尋、直面擁抱而臻於從容超越境地的斑斑歷程,旨在論證其死亡觀照,絕非自我慰解、故作灑脫,而顯然是通過幽巷仄徑後得其開闊的大自在與大歡喜。
Death seduced earthling with ‘Bevorstand’. The poem Zhou Meng-die discovered its resolute and, at the same time, brought about the irrepressible impulse of pursuit. Contemplatingprofoundly on death, Zhou Meng-die meets it unexpectedly once in a while, jaws it repeatedly, socializes and interacts with it constantly. Zhou Meng-die wrote death and made out death through the imagery series of God Thieves of time, souls and tombs. In the dream world of surreality, it smiles into phantoms’ eyes, embraces and dances with skulls, which is endowed with the imagination of illusive beauty of death. Zhou Meng-die follows the trail of Loazi’s ‘Bevorstand’, comes back to the condition of the original and ideal life, and even returns to the condition before the world began, where yin and yang were not yet divided, heaven and earth did not leave apart. Meanwhile, Zhou Meng-die contends that earthling may revive after death if the art rescue ensued, the eternality is irradiated, and the news of gestating ashes is firmly believed. The paper looks into the death plot of Zhou Meng-die and interprets the detailed progress in which a poet starts from yearning and pursuing, embracing straightforward to transcend leisurely. The present study aims to expound and prove its death observation, which definitely does not result from a self-analysis and the posture of free and easy. Instead, it gains spacious unrestraint and delight by way of tranquil tunnels and narrow paths.
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