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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Learning State-Space Model for Image RetrievalChiang, Cheng-Chieh; Hung, Yi-Ping; Lee, Greg C
2007Changes in health risk behaviors of elementary school students in northern Taiwan from 2001 to 2003: results from the child and adolescent behaviors in long-term evolution studyWu, Wen-Chi; Chang, Hsing-Yi; Yen, Lee-Lan; Lee, Tony
2008Molecular population genetics and gene expression analysis of duplicated CBF genes of Arabidopsis thalianaLin, Yen-Heng; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Hsu, Po-Yen; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Huang, Chun-Lin; Wang, Chun-Neng; Lin, Tsan-Piao
2009Spinocerebellar ataxia type 8 larger triplet expansion alters histone modification and induces RNA fociChen, I-Cheng; Lin, Hsuan-Yuan; Lee, Ghin-Chueh; Kao, Shih-Huan; Chen, Chiung-Mei; Wu, Yih-Ru; Hsieh-Li, Hsiu-Mei; Su, Ming-Tsan; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen
2007Comparison of children's self-reports of depressive symptoms among different family interaction types in northern TaiwanWu, Wen-chi; Kao, Chi-Hsien; Yen, Lee-Lan; Lee, Tony
2007Content-Based Object Movie Retrieval and Relevance FeedbacksChiang, Cheng-Chieh; Chan, Li-Wei; Hung, Yi-Ping; Lee, Greg C
2005The immediate effects of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic on childbirth in TaiwanLee, Cheng-Hua; Huang, Nicole; Chang, Hong-Jen; Hsu, Yea-Jen; Wang, Mei-Chu; Chou, Yiing-Jenq
2006-10-??臺灣北部三所國立大學一年級女生運動分期行為研究黃淑貞; 洪文綺; 劉翠薇; 李秋娓