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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characterization of differential expression and leader intron function of Arabidopsis atTOC159 homologous genes by transgenic plantsLiu, Yu-Shan; Sun, Chih-Wen
2014The seed development of a mycoheterotrophic orchid, Cyrtosia javanica BlumeYang, Chih-Kai; Lee, Yung-I
2013Oxidative stress disruption of receptor-mediated calcium signaling mechanismsTang, Tso-Hao; Chang, Chiung-Tan; Wang, Hsiu-Jen; Erickson, Joshua; Reichard, Rhett; Martin, Alexis; Shannon, Erica; Martin, Adam; Huang, Yue-Wern; Aronstam, Robert
2012Characterization of the transcriptome of an ecologically important avian species, the Vinous-throated Parrotbill Paradoxornis webbianus bulomachus (Paradoxornithidae; Aves)Chu, Jui-Hua; Lin, Rong-Chien; Yeh, Chia-Fen; Hsu, Yu-Cheng; Li, Shou-Hsien
2014Past hybridization between two East Asian long-tailed tits (Aegithalos bonvaloti and A. fuliginosus)Wang, Wenjuan; Dai, Chuanyin; Alstrom, Per; Zhang, Chunlan; Qu, Yanhua; Li, Shou-Hsien; Yang, Xiaojun; Zhao, Na; Song, Gang; Lei, Fumin
2012Factors and symptoms associated with work stress and health-promoting lifestyles among hospital staff: a pilot study in TaiwanTsai, Yueh-Chi; Liu, Chieh-Hsing
2012Dynamic admission control and bandwidth reservation for IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMAX networksWang, Chiapin; Yan, Wan-Jhen; Lo, Hao-Kai
2013Return of the pythons: first formal records, with a special note on recovery of the Burmese python in the demilitarized Kinmen islandsYou, Chung-Wei; Lin, Yen-Po; Lai, Yen-Hsueh; Chen, You-Ling; Tang, Yao; Chou, Shih-Ping; Chang, Hong-Yi; Zappalorti, Robert; Lin, Si-Min
2013Comparison of the osmoregulatory capabilities among three amphibious sea snakes (Laticauda spp.) in TaiwanCheng, Yuan-Cheng; Tu, Ming-Chung; Tsai, Jyuan-Ru; Lin, Hui-Chen; Lin, Li-Yih
2013Asarum pubitessellatum, sp. nov. (sect. Heterotropa, Aristolochiaceae) from Taiwan based on morphological and palynological evidenceLu, Chang-Tse; Chiou, Wen-Liang; Wang, Jenn-Che