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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comparison of children's self-reports of depressive symptoms among different family interaction types in northern TaiwanWu, Wen-chi; Kao, Chi-Hsien; Yen, Lee-Lan; Lee, Tony
2012The investigation of selective pre-pattern free self-assembled Ge nano-dot formed by excimer laser annealingLee, Min-Hung; Chen, Pin-Guang
2011Preparation and characterization of carbon nanofluid by a plasma arc nanoparticles synthesis systemTeng, Tun-Ping; Cheng, Ching-Min; Pai, Feng-Yi
2010A feeder-free culture using autogeneic conditioned medium for undifferentiated growth of human embryonic stem cells: Comparative expression profiles of mRNAs, microRNAs and proteins among different feeders and conditioned mediaTsai, Zong-Yun; Singh, Sher; Yu, Sung-Liang; Chou, Chi-Hsien; Li, Steven
2012Structure of Co-2 x 2 nanoislands grown on Ag/Ge(111)-[square root]3 x [square root]3 surface studied by scanning tunneling microscopyHuang, Xiao-Lan; Lin, Chun-Liang; Tomaszewska, Agnieszka; Chen, Chun-Rong; Fu, Tsu-Yi
2011Psychometric properties of the Chinese craving beliefs questionnaire for heroin abusers in methadone treatmentChang, Chun-Wei; Huang, Chun-Wei; Wu, Wei-Hsin; Wang, Bo-En; Liu, Yi-Lien; Shen, Hsi-Che; Lee, Tony
2014Survey of the genus Stegana Meigen (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from Taiwan, with DNA barcodes and descriptions of three new speciesZhang, Yuan; Tsaur, Shun-Chern; Chen, Hong-Wei
2013Locomotor performance of three sympatric species of sea kraits (Laticauda spp.) from Orchid Island, TaiwanWang, Shiuang; Lillywhite, Harvey; Tu, Ming-Chung
2013Circular cone convexity and some inequalities associated with circular conesZhou, Jinchuan; Chen, Jein-Shan; Hung, Hao-Feng
2011Clinical characteristics and risk behavior as a function of HIV status among heroin users enrolled in methadone treatment in northern TaiwanLee, Tony; Shen, Hsi-Che; Wu, Wei-Hsin; Huang, Chun-Wei; Yen, Muh-Yong; Wang, Bo-En; Chuang, Peing; Shih, Chien-Yu; Chou, Ying-Chun; Liu, Yi-Lien