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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-19Green Synthesis of InP/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots for Application in Heavy-Metal-Free Light-Emitting DiodesKuo, Tsung-Rong; Hung, Shih-Ting; Lin, Yen-Ting; Chou, Tzu-Lin; Kuo, Ming-Cheng; Kuo, Ya-Pei; Chen, Chia-Chun
2017-11-15Screening transferable microsatellite markers across genus Phalaenopsis (Orchidaceae)Ko, Ya-Zhu; Shih, Huei-Chuan; Tsai, Chi-Chu; Ho, Hsing-Hua; Liao, Pei-Chun; Chiang, Yu-Chung
2017-08-18Perceptions of activity-supportive environment and motorcycle use among urban Taiwanese adultsLin, Chien-Yu; Liao, Yung
2006-09-16A search for a correlation between time change in transfer functions and seismic energy release in northern TaiwanChen, Kuang-Jung; Chiu, Bonbbon; Lin, Cheng-Horng
2015-11-06Exhaustive semantic activation for reading ambiguous verbs in Chinese sentencesLin, Chien-Jer C; Chen, Yi-Rung
2018-05-24Comparative transcriptome analysis of the invasive weed Mikania micrantha with its native congeners provides insights into genetic basis underlying successful invasionGuo, Wuxia; Liu, Ying; Ng, Wei L; Liao, Pei-Chun; Huang, Bing-Hong; Li, Weixi; Li, Chunmei; Shi, Xianggang; Huang, Yelin
2014-05-01Effects of carbohydrate combined with caffeine on repeated sprint cycling and agility performance in female athletesLee, Chia-Lun; Cheng, Ching-Feng; Astorino, Todd A; Lee, Chia-Jung; Huang, Hsin-Wei; Chang, Wen-Dien
2018-05-25A cut-off of daily sedentary time and all-cause mortality in adults: a meta-regression analysis involving more than 1 million participantsKu, Po-Wen; Steptoe, Andrew; Liao, Yung; Hsueh, Ming-Chun; Chen, Li-Jung
2018-05-16Enhanced Plasmonic Biosensors of Hybrid Gold Nanoparticle-Graphene Oxide-Based Label-Free ImmunoassayChiu, Nan-Fu; Chen, Chi-Chu; Yang, Cheng-Du; Kao, Yu-Sheng; Wu, Wei-Ren
2016-11-30Exploring key factors in online shopping with a hybrid modelChen, Hsiao-Ming; Wu, Chia-Huei; Tsai, Sang-Bing; Yu, Jian; Wang, Jiangtao; Zheng, Yuxiang