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Title: 特教人員對資優、ADHD與資優ADHD誤判的可能性:從直覺決策角度初探
Other Titles: Exploring the Possibilities ofMisdiagnosis of Giftedness,ADHD, and ADHD with Giftedness: An Intuitive Decision-Making Perspective
Authors: 龔韋勳
Wei-Hsun Kung
Wen-Ling Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究主要目的是延伸國外研究並探討圍內特教人員對於資優、ADHD與資優ADHD誤判的可能性。本研究職前對象為畫灣北部某縣市特殊教育學系與心理所心理臨床組學生共71 人,在職組為同一縣市特教鑑輔專業人員以及特教教師共23人。研究工具為一段虛擬個案的描述,讀研究對象依照描述特質,進行直覺判斷。研究結果顯示本研究對象並不清楚資優、ADHD與資優ADHD具有類似特質。而研究對象傾向回答ADHD' 凸顯ADHD可能會有被過度轉介與鑑定的情形,亦可能導向資優、ADHD與資優ADHD誤判可能性的提高。因此亟需正視特教專業人員與教師對於資優‘ ADHD與資優ADHD特質以及鑑定的專業訓練。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the potential for the misdiagnosis of giftedness, ADHD, and ADHD with giftedness. Participants included 71 preservice special education teachers and counselors, and 23 inservice special education teachers and diagnosticians. They each read the same vignettes describing a hypothetical case of a boy with overlapping behaviors of giftedness, ADHD and gifted ADHD. The researcher then asked participants for a diagnosis, and finally examined their intuitive decision-making and diagnostic evaluations. The results appeared that participants were unaware of the similar characteristics of students who are gifted, ADHD, and ADHD with giftedness ,的well as more likely to provide the diagnosis of ADHD Therefore, ADHD would likely be over diagnosed and may lead to an increase of the possibilities of misdiagnosis
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