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Title: 充實還是加速?國小階段奧林匹亞數學的教材分析一以因數倍數單元為例
Other Titles: Acceleration or Enrichment? An Analysis of Olympiad Mathematics Curriculum Materials in Elementary School -An Example ofMath Course on Factors and Multiples
Authors: 王昭傑
Jhao-Jie Wang
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文針對五年級因數倍數單元之奧數教材與普通數學教材進行分析比對,並結合針對修課學生的學習意向調查、研究佐證以釐清奧數的定位。結果發現家長及學生對奧數大多有正向態度,而奧數教材於因數倍數單元的內容編配中, 「加速」概念的子單元佔47.82%、「充實」概念的子單元則有52.18%; 顯示奧數教材在因數、倍數單元的內容福配上採「加速」、「充實」並重的方式;而在內容題型上則多屬跨概念連結,且偏重規則的推導與概念的整合。
The main purpose of this article was to analyze the unit “factor" and “ multiple"between instructional materials of Olympiad mathematics and regular mathematicslessons and to clarify the identity of Olympiad mathematics by research evidences anda survey investigating students' learning intention. There were two major findings , atfirst, most parents and students had positive attitude towards Olympiad mathematicsand secondly, in the context of factors and multiples course, there were 47.82% inacceleration concepts and 52.18% in enrichment concepts, which showed thatacceleration and enrichment processes applied simultaneously to the Olympiadmathematics curriculum. Thirdly, the framework of the Olympiad mathematicscurriculum was based on multiple concept hierarchies alignment and integration of ruleinference and concepts.
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