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Titel: The Segment /w/ and Contrastive Hierarchy in Paiwan and Seediq
Autoren: 李佩容
Amy Pei-jung Lee
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai-2012
Herausgeber: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: This paper describes the different patterning of the segment /w/ in two Formosan languages: Paiwan and Seediq, and provides both comparative and theoretical perspectives by adopting the framework of contrastive hierarchy with feature specifications. Two phonological processes in Paiwan are revisited: the /w/~/v/ alternation and labial dissimilation. New Paiwan data collected in the east show that the /w/~/v/ alternation only operates at word level (suffixation), not at phrasal level (encliticization). Labial dissimilation no longer applies to the stems with a labial segment in the second syllable. As for Seediq, the phonological impact on Toda regarding the sound correspondence of /g/ (Tgdaya/Paran)-/ɣ/ (Truku)-/w/ (Toda) in the three dialects is discussed. This paper proposes contrastive hierarchy for the phonological patterning of the two languages and concludes with both synchronic variations and diachronic implications.
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