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Title: 警專學生的工作價值觀與服務導向組織公民行為
Other Titles: A Study on the Relationships between Work Values and Service-oriented Organizational Citizenship Behaviors - The Mediating Effect of Organizational Trust: The Case of Taiwan Police College
Authors: 陳春希
Chun-His Chen
Rui-Hsin Kao
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 治安、交通與為民服務是警政工作的三大主軸,而目前如何提升警察的服務品質,已逐漸成為警政的核心工作。本研究之目的即在於瞭解警專學生的工作價值觀與其服務導向組織公民行為間的關係'並進一步以結構方程模式建構分析模型,以探討組織信任在學生工作價值觀與服務導向組織公民行為間,是否扮演中介機制的角色,期望能藉由文獻探討及實證研究結果,從學生招募與甄選、教學方針及生活管理三方面,對警察的基礎教育提供建言。為達成上述目的,本研究利用問卷調查進行資料蒐集,共得815份有效問卷後,再利用SPSS進行編碼,並以LISREL統計軟體進行問卷資料之分析與假設檢驗工作。研究結果發現,警專學生之工作價值觀對組織信任與服務導向組織公民行為,以及組織信任對服務導向組織公民行為具有顯著的正向影響。此外,警專學生的工作價值觀,會透過組織信任的認知間接地影響其服務導向組織公民行為的展現。本文即針對研究結果提出管理意涵,並詳加討論。
Public security, traffic management and service for the people are the three major functions of policing. To assure the quality of police service, which is contingent on the people who render the service, has become the core of policing. This study aims to investigate the relationships between work values, organizational trust, and service-oriented organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) with the Tawain police college' student as the research sample. We used SPSS and LISREL to analyze and test the relationships. It was found that perceived work values and organizational trust have positive effects on the service-oriented OCBs. It is also found that work values has a positive effect on the service-oriented OCBs through the mediation of organizational trust. Suggestions and recommendations for future research are thus discussed.
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