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Title: A Preliminary Study of English Conversation Instruction at Universities in Taiwan
Other Titles: 大學英語會話教學初探
Authors: 常紹如
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 此研究報當針國內各英語或外語學系所開設之會話課程一全面調查,範圍包括教師之授課心得、該科之教學目標、授課內容、上課方式、及評量方法,並就前述各層 面之研究發現,做分析評估。研究發指出多數參與研究者對該科之教學具相當程度之意願及信心,課程內容及授課方式多採用間接而非直接式會話教學法,教學中仍 多強調文法和發音之正確性及字彙之習得,而較輕忽與會譯有關之言談和策略能力之培養及運用。本籍和外籍老師在該科之授課心得和方式上亦呈現某些差異。報告 中並就可能如何改進我國大學階段之英語會話教學及來英語會話教學研究方向,提出相關建議。
This study investigated the teaching approaches of instructors who teach English Conversation in English/Foreign Languages Departments at universities in Taiwan. Via surveys sent to the conversation instructors in 16 different programs, information concerning the instructor's attitude toward the course, teaching objectives and pedagogy, and methods of evaluation was gathered and critically examined. It was found that most respondents had a positive experience teaching the course and were confident in their teaching approach. An indirect pedagogical approach was more commonly adopted than a direct approach as suggested by both the teaching materials and activities. Though some rising attention to conversation-related discourse and strategic competence was noted, grammatical and pronunciation accuracy and acquisition of vocabulary still received the greatest emphasis from the majority of the respondents in their instruction. Difference were also detected between Chinese and foreign teachers in their instruction experiences of and approaches to the course. Finally some suggestions are made for the ways the course can be more adequately taught was well as possible directions for future studies.
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