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Title: Journal Exchange in a College Composition Classroom
Other Titles: 大學生交換英文日誌
Authors: 葉純純
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文探討英文交換日誌在寫作課的實施情形,及學生的看法。28位大學生,四人一組,交換閱讀同學的日誌並回應。文本分析發現,學生所寫的日誌有三個特點,分別為:讀者覺知的提升、組員關係的建立及互動中產生的誤解。本研究也以問卷探討學生對交換日誌的看法,問卷結果顯示,學生認為閱讀及回應同學的日誌有許多好處,有些學生偏好同學回應,也有偏愛老師回應,但大多數人覺得老師及同學的回應各有可取之處。文末就活動實施及評估提出建議。
The purpose of this paper is to explore the implementation of a journal exchange project and students' views on this practice. Twenty-eight college students from an intact English composition class were assigned to small groups of four. They were encouraged to read and respond to their group mates' journals. Student journals were collected for analysis. The patterns emerging from the analysis include development of audience awareness, establishment of group rapport, and misunderstanding arising from interactions. A questionnaire was administered to elicit the students' views on the journal exchange project. The results indicate that students recognized the advantages of reading and responding to their classmates' journals. It is also revealed that while some students appreciated teacher or peer feedback for various reasons, most of them enjoyed the stimulation of feedback from both sides. Points of reflection generated in the process of the project implementation and evaluation are also offered.
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