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Title: Effects of E-mail Exchanges on EFL Senior High School Students' English Writing
Other Titles: 電子郵件交換對高中生英語寫作之影響
Authors: 呂冠瑩
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 隨著網路科技的進步,電子郵件已成為一有效的溝通媒介,也因其教學潛力而成為語言教學界新寵,嘖泛地為教師及研究者所採用。過去的研究指出,交換電子郵件對學生的英語寫作能力有所祥益,但極少數提出語言文本分析上之實證數據;此外,過去實驗對象多為大學生,其結果難以推及其他年齡層的語言學習者O 本研究昌在探索電子郵件對高中學生英語寫作能力之影響,並在分析方法上改進以佐證電郵之正面效益。本實驗由28 位北市某高中學生與25位大學外語*所學生交換英語電子郵件,共計十四週。分析資料合電子郵件寫作、課堂限時之英文作文表現,及高中學生及其筆友對此活動之意見。結果顯示,以電子郵件作為寫作訓練之主要活動,可以增加高中學生的英文寫作經驗,其能力或能轉移到課堂英文寫作情境。我們發現學生的寫作在內容、組織、文法、句型複雜度及整體表現皆有顯著進步,但電郵表現並末在該學期展現長足進步。此外,由問卷結果得知,高中學生及大學生對電郵交換活動及其影響多持正面看法。本文就研究結果加以探討,並就教學層面及未來研究方向提出建議。
With the rise of Intemet technology, e-mail exchange has become a popular pedagogical task for language leaming. Many studies have supported the possible benefits of e-mail exchanges on students' English writing skills, but rare were verified by empirical investigation on textual quality of the e-mail writing itself. Furthermore, most of the previous studies were conducted in the college context. In an etrort to expand this line of inquiry into other contexts, the current study was conducted to provide evidence for the effectiveness of English e-mail exchanges on EFL senior high school students' writing using empirical textual analyses, and a questionnaire survey. The project lasted for 14 weeks among 28 senior high school students and 25 college students majoring in English that served as subjects. The etlècts of the project on senior high school studens' e-mail and in-class timed writing were investigated. Both the senior high school students' and their key pals' attitudes toward the e-mail project were elicited. The results showed that e-mail exchanges as a maincomponent of writing training tacilitated senior high school students' writing ability in the in-class writing context but may not impact the e-mail writing immediately. Furthermore, the senior high school students and the college students tended to show positive attitudes toward the project and the effects on their in-class writing ability. Pedagogical implication and suggestions for further studies are discussed.
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