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Title: 臺灣英語教學領域教師對SSCI現象的看法 及隱性學群之探討
Other Titles: TESOL Academics’ Perceptions of SSCI Phenomenon and Invisible College in Taiwan
Authors: 孫于智
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學英語系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討臺灣英語教學領域學者對SSCI現象的看法及英語教學領域隱性學群的結構。具體的研究問題包括 (1) 臺灣英語教學領域學者對於SSCI現象的看法,包括對整體學術環境及個人學術研究的影響、對SSCI期刊的評價、學術評鑑的影響及個人研究歷程的影響?(2) 臺灣英語教學領域學者在國內、外期刊發表之學術論文中,引用國內、外期刊之比例為何? 透過問卷調查及分析國內英語教學領域學者學術發表的對話平臺及文獻引用模式,本研究嘗試勾勒出英語教學領域之隱性學群及SSCI現象的影響層面。研究結果顯示,受訪之英語教學領域學者整體而言對SSCI現象抱持正面的看法。多數學者認為在SSCI期刊發表可提升國際學術能見度、促進學術國際化、提升學術水準、並提供較為客觀的學術評鑑標準。而曾經在SSCI期刊發表過論文的學者,對於SSCI現象的看法,相較於未曾在SSCI期刊發表論文之學者,顯著地更為正面、肯定。然而,研究結果亦顯示,國內學者於引用文獻時,主要以國外學者之文獻為主,鮮少引用國內學者的論述。「熟悉的異鄉人」一詞,確實足以描繪臺灣英語教學領域學者間的橫向關係。
The study aims to examine Taiwanese TESOL academics’ perceptions of SSCI phenomenon and to unveil the formation and structure of invisible academic communities among these academics in Taiwan. Specific research questions include: (1) What are Taiwanese TESOL academics’ perceptions of SSCI phenomenon? (2) What sources from the literature do Taiwanese academics cite? Data were collected through surveying TESOL academics’ perceptions of SSCI phenomenon and analyzing the scholarly conversations engaged by these academics and their patterns of literature citation in published research articles. The results of the study indicate that, generally speaking, TESOL researchers in Taiwan held positive attitudes toward the impact of SSCI on the internationalization of their academic works. However, many Taiwanese academics cite extensive literature from international journals while nevertheless remaining “familiar strangers” to each other in domestic scholarly publication. In other words, these academics seem to overlook research findings published by domestic journals when publishing internationally, and they seem to intentionally distance themselves from their local contemporaries’ publications.
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