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Title: Teacher's Reflections on Infusing the CANDLE Project into College English Classes
Other Titles: CANDLE網路環境融入大學英語課程之教學省思
Authors: 林至誠
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文利用網路教學個黨展現三種英文教師專業成長方式:自覺、自省、及行動研究,其網路教材及網路環境則是研發自一項數位學習之國家型科技CANDLE 計畫(Corus And NLP for Digital Learning ofEnglish) 。用網路科技教英文和使用科技是兩種不同的能力,因為前者需要植基於教學法或教師個人之教育信念。因此,教師專業成長如需考量使用電腦科技時,必須檢驗該項科技的使用是否和教師們原有教學理念相符,而並非一味追求該項技術是否先進。CANDLE 計畫團隊內五位英文老師將教材納入其個別學校內之課程,並使用行動研究以評量成效之後,深思其過程並提出一些教學應用。本文特地報導五項個案並分析所展現之教師知識或信念以及教學後之省思。
Three effective ways of teacher professional development: self-awareness, reflective teaching, and action research (suggested by Bailey, Curtis and Numan, 2001) are illustrated by five English teachers who have used web-based technology in their own classes to enhance English teaching in Taiwan. The teachers have used the materials from a National Science & Technology Program for E-Iearning project on English teaching CANDLE (Corpus And NLP for Digital Learning of English). The ability to teach English with technology is different from the ability to the technology,because such a process should be based on sound pedagogy or sometimes a teacher's personal theory about English teaching. Oftentimes, issues of teacher preparation or professional development as related to CALL use (Computer Assisted Language Learning) involves how such use interacts with teachers' current pedagogical approaches, regardless of whether the technology is advanced or not. English teachers of the CANDLE team, having some experience teaching with the project's instructional units or environment, examine reflectively and critically the pedagogical processes in their individual contexts. Specifically, five cases of infusing the CANDLE Project into their college-Ievel English teaching: Reading (two cases), Writing (one case), and Culture (two cases) are presented. Tsui's Knowledge types (2003) or teachers' maxims (Richards, 1998) applied in their respective CALL cases are also reported.
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