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Title: 中國大陸英語教學對待標點符號之狀況考察
Other Titles: The Treatment of English Punctuation in TEFL in Mainland China: A Survey and Some Suggestions
Authors: 劉煒
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 標點符號是語言的書面語或文字體系的必要輔助性子系統,是重要的語篇邏輯紐帶。本文首先從宏觀層面審視中國大陸地區英語教學視野中的英語標點符號研究、各級英語教學大綱/課程標準對標點符號在英語教學的規定和要求說明、英語教材關於英語標點符號的介紹、英語教學評價(特別是測試)關於標點符號的規定,然後從微觀層面考察中國英語師生對標點符號典語言和語言教學關係的觀念、英語學習者標點符號使用狀況舉隅來剖析大陸地區英語教學關於英語標點符號的不當處理及其對中國大陸地區學生英語學習的負面影響,最後在此基礎上提出有針對性的改進中國大陸地區英語教學對待英文標點符號的若干建議。
Punctuation, as integrative part of language in orthography or written form and supportive sub-system of language, is considered as important textual logical connector. This paper examines the treatment of English punctuation in TEFL in Mainland China at both macro and micro level. At the macro level, I discuss the research of English punctuation and therelationship between English punctuation and TEFL, descriptions in syllabuses/curriculum of English punctuation, introduction to English learners of English punctuation in course books, and requirements for English punctuation in English assessments, especially in English tests. At the micro level, I discuss Chinese EFL teachers' and leamers'understanding of English punctuation. Based on the reported improper use of English punctuation as well as its negative impact on Chinese EFL learner, several suggestions are made.
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