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Title: EFL Students’ Views on Writing with Pictures, Sound, and Music
Authors: 黃郁琇
Yu-Hsiu Huang
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語文教學中心
Airiti Press Inc.
Abstract: 本研究探討學生對使用文字、影像、聲音、音樂,創造多媒介寫作影片之看法。本研究亦探討影響多媒體寫作的因素和學生所使用的多媒體寫作策略。研究對象為南部一所大學,兩班共45位寫作課的學生。學生們被要求使用多媒體軟體Photostory來呈現作品。研究者以訪談和反思單蒐集學生對此寫作經驗的看法。一般而言,學生認為多媒體寫作有趣且可激發興趣,帶給學生學習的成就感。學生必須考慮句型結構、故事結構、圖文設計、播放速度設計。較好的作品使用完整正確的句子和故事結構,考慮聲音、圖片、文字總合的多媒體效果。學生並使用多媒體表達技巧來創造富於情感和氣氛的作品風格。影響寫作經驗的因素包含電腦設備問題,主題、多媒體效果。將來的研究可探討多媒體寫作對不同程度學生的影響。
The purpose of this research is to explore college English as foreign language (EFL) students’ views on using texts, images, sound, and music to create multimodal projects in writing. The important factors, as well as the strategies students use in completing their multimodal writing projects are also investigated. The subjects consisted of 45 university EFL students from two writing classes in a university in southern Taiwan. They were requested to write stories and essays using a multimodal software program called Photostory. Students’ views on their experiences using the media were collected through interviews and reflection sheets. In general, the students considered multimodal composition to be interesting and engaging, and reported that it gave them a sense of achievement. Elements students need to consider in completing the project include: sentence production, story structure, text/picture design (position and semantic relation), and display speed. The better works of students include the following features: more complete sentences; well-organized story structures; clear text/picture color contrast; coherence in text font, color, size, position; sentence number; appropriate display speed; and good picture quality throughout the films. Students used a variety of text, picture, and music strategies to convey meanings and create the appropriate effects for their stories. Factors that may affect their composition experiences are computer access, technical problems, topics, and multimodal effects. Future study could focus on the contribution of multimodal composition on students of different levels.
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