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dc.contributor.authorYih-Jyh Hwangen_US
dc.description.abstract近年Ganzeboom與Treiman(1996)建立一套國際新職業聲望與社經地位量表,有愈來愈多的臺灣研究採用這套量表。本研究從高教調查與數位落差兩項大調查的學生樣本中,隨機抽取樣本,並以封閉式與開放式問卷來調查學生的父親職業;根據開放式問卷中,學生填答的父親職業所轉換的「國際新職業社經地位量表」(International Socio-Economic Index, ISEI)與「臺灣新職業社經地位量表」(New Taiwan Occupational Socio-Economic Scale, NTSEI)之分數,以及針對本土所建構,測量簡易、成本又低的「學生勾選大類父親職業」封閉式問卷調查結果,所轉換成的五等社經地位測量做分析,以評估這三項職業測量之測量品質。研究結果顯示:遺漏值百分比以五等測量最低,NTSEI 居中,ISEI 最高;而建構效度以NTSEI 最高,五等測量居中,ISEI 則有嚴重的問題。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractIn recent years, Ganzeboom and Treiman constructed the new Standard International Prestige Scale and Occupational International Socio-Economic Index (ISEI) of Occupational Status which was adopted by more and more researchers in Taiwan. In this study, the author used random sampling to select respondents from samples of higher education survey and digital divide survey. Besides, the author used close-ended and open-ended questionnaires to survey the occupations of students’ fathers. The purpose of this study is to assess the quality of three occupation measurements: based on the score of the ISEI and the “New Taiwan Occupational Socio-Economic Scale (NTSEI)” which is transformed from the occupations of respondents’ fathers in open-ended questionnaires, and the five-rank social economic status measure which is transformed from the major group occupations of respondents’ fathers in close-ended questionnaires, which is indigenous, easy to measure and low cost. The findings are as follows: five-rank measure has the lowest missing value percentage, while NTSEI in the middle, ISEI the highest. As to the construct validity: NTSEI is highest, five-rank measure in middle, however, ISEI reveals serious problems.en_US
dc.publisherOffice of Research and Developmenten_US
dc.subject.othernew International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Statusen_US
dc.subject.othercost and quality of measurementen_US
dc.subject.otherNew Taiwan Occupational Socio-Economic Scaleen_US
dc.subject.otherclose-ended questionnaire of the occupational surveyen_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Suitability of the New International Occupational Scale in Taiwan’s Educational Research: Consideration of Indigenization and Internationalizationzh_tw
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