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Title: 透過現職教師建構國中健康與體育學習領域之自尊教學指標
Other Titles: Promoting Self-Esteem in Junior High School Students by Building Teaching Indicators: A Survey of Health and Physical Education Teachers
Authors: 賴香如
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 國中是自尊發展的重要階段,學校可建構合宜教學指標以利提升學生的自尊。本研究採德懷術(Delphi technique)進行健康與體育領域的自尊教學指標建構。由一項全臺抽樣調查的620名對象中,徵詢到128名願意參與後續研究者,再以信件和電話邀請,最後有38名現職教師參加和完成三回合問卷填寫。主要研究結果如下:一、自尊教學指標包括學生、教師和學校三層面一百零六項。二、學生層面教學指標有四十二項,依安全感、自我感、歸屬感、使命感和能力感等自尊五要素來建構。三、教師層面教學指標包括課室經營四十四項、教學方法十一項和教學評量三項;其中課室經營也依自尊五要素建構。四、學校層面六項教學指標乃針對學校行政措施來發展。本研究建議國中教師可參照教學指標來設計自尊教材與活動。
The middle school years are an important stage in the development of students’ self-esteem. Schools can help students to develop their self-esteem by setting appropriate teaching indicators. This study aims to construct teaching indicators for self-esteem in the disciplines of Health Education and Physical Education. The Delphi technique was used. A total of 620 teachers were randomly selected from a national survey, and 128 agreed to participate. However, only 38 teachers agreed to serve as the expert panel after fully understanding the procedures associated with the Delphi technique. After completing the three-round questionnaire, the major results of this study were as follows. 1. A total of 106 teaching indicators for self-esteem, including student, teacher, and institution in the Health and Physical Education curriculum in junior high school were constructed.  2. Based on the five components of self-esteem, 42 teaching indicators were constructed for the student dimension. 3. The teacher dimension included classroom management, teaching methods, and instructional evaluation. Forty-four teaching indicators of classroom management were also constructed based on the five components of self-esteem. The teaching indicators of teaching methods and instructional evaluation were 11 and 3, respectively.  4. With a focus on school administrative measures, 6 teaching indicators were constructed for the institution.  It is suggested that teachers use the indicators as a reference when compiling teaching materials, and designing and implementing teaching activities.
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