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Title: 選什麼?如何選?為何而選?高中教師選擇歷史教科書之研究
Other Titles: What, How, and Why? A Study on Senior High School Teachers’ Selection of Textbooks
Authors: 卯靜儒
Chin-Ju Mao
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究以高中歷史為例,探究高中教師教科書版本選擇的情形與選擇理由背後所代表的教育意義與政策啟示。本研究調查全國高中歷史教科書選用版本的情形,電話訪問218所學校的高中歷史教師「選什麼?誰選?如何選?為什麼?」的問題,並以紮根理論的概念分析電話訪談內容。研究發現,高中歷史教科書選擇程序,以民主與專業為主要原則。教師選書的考量除教科書文本、學生學習、教師教學的關鍵核心因素外,書商服務與配套的關聯性因素,以及課綱與考試的結構性因素,在在都影響教師的選擇與判斷。其中,結構性因素無所不在地滲透日常教學,使得不管是以國編本作為選書參照標準、或是強調教科書講重點、或是偏好條列重點的寫作方式等,都反映潛在結構性因素對教師選書的影響,也凸顯教師教學的困境。
In this study, I first uncover the procedures adopted in selecting the history textbooks used in high schools and the teachers’ reasons for choosing the textbooks. Second, I analyze the implicit meanings of such a phenomenon. In this study, 218 high school history teachers were interviewed by phone; four open-ended questions were asked: What editions of the history textbooks were chosen in your school, and by whom? Through what type of process, and why? The collected data are analyzed by employing the grounded theory.This study discovered that textbook selection considerations can be coded into six categories: (1) the structure and content of the textbooks; (2) the student level and their manner of learning; (3) the teachers’ habits and enough time for delivering the texts; (4) the services offered by the publishers and related materials for teaching and learning; (5) curriculum guidelines; and (6) satisfying exam requirements. The first three categories can be considered “core factors,” the fourth category is a “related factor,” and the last two categories are “structural factors.” Among them, the structural factors permeated the daily practices of teaching. Whether using traditional NICT-style textbooks as criteria for comparing and selecting textbooks or for emphasizing the importance of covering critical points in textbooks, they reflect the impact of hidden structural factors on the teachers’ choice of textbooks.
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