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Title: 台灣簡明版世界衛生組織生活品質問卷(WHOQOL-BREF)應用於重度視障成人樣本之信、效度考驗研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Test of Validity and Reliability of WHOQOL-BREF When It Was Applied to Adults with Severe Visual Impairments
Authors: 張千惠
Sophie Chien-Huey Chang
Yung-Fu Cheng
Hui-Chen Chin
Hsing-Ning Lee
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在應用台灣簡明版生活品質問卷(WHOQOL-BREF台灣版)測量重度視障成人之生活品質,以評估本問卷應用於台灣視障成人的信、效度。資料蒐集方式採用電話訪談。研究對象為全國重度視障成人,使用分層隨機抽樣法取樣。完成問卷之樣本人數共491人。研究結果:(一)項目分析結果顯示本問卷題目為測量重度視障成人生活品質之良好問卷。(二)信度結果顯示,在各範疇中的Cronbach's α 值為0.68~0.80;折半信度值為0.57~0.80。(三)效度方面,內容效度顯示,各題目與所屬範疇之相關值皆達中度相關程度;建構效度以驗證性因素分析評估,比較適合度指標(Comparative Fitness Index)為0.916;性別、年齡及教育程度三個變項皆存在生活品質差異,此結果與一般成人之生活品質的研究結果類似,顯示問卷具有良好建構效度。根據信度與效度的結果,本問卷具有可接受的信度及良好的效度。WHOQOL-BREF台灣版可適用於測量視障成人之生活品質。
This study examined the validity and reliability of WHOQOL-BREF when it was applied to adults with severe visual impairments. Telephone interviews were used for data collection. WHOQOL-BREF was administered to 491 adults with severe visual impairments using telephone interviews. Participants were selected using stratified random sampling method. A total of 491 participants finished the questionnaire. Results of item analysis indicated that the WHOQOL-BREF is a suitable questionnaire to evaluate the quality of life in adults with severe visual impairments. For reliability, the Cronbach's α value is 0.68 ~0.80, and split-half reliability is 0.57~0.80. For validity, content validity was indicated by medium correlations between items and their respective domains. Construct validity is examined by factor analysis and the CFI (Comparative Fitness Index) is 0.916. Results indicated differences in gender, age and education level. Results were similar to that of WHOQOL-BREF applied to adults without disabilities, which indicated structural validity. In conclusion, Results indicated that WHOQOL-BREF has acceptable reliaibllity and adequate validity when applied to assessing the quality of life of Taiwanese adults with severe visual impairments.
Other Identifiers: F2B645EA-4EEF-BF80-63C2-554FDC06ED04
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