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Title: 「嶼.海共生」-生態系下的循環與衍變
Symbiotic of island and sea: cycles and evolutions of ecology
Authors: 黃進龍
Keywords: 共生
Magic Realism
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 筆者曾就讀於國立台東大學,在幾次經驗中到過綠島及蘭嶼,更見識到原來島嶼上還有美好的地方,島上居民與海的關係不管在交通、經濟、觀光…等都非常密切。都來自於海洋,但近年來人為破壞,水底逐漸黯淡無光,生命力日漸枯竭,使得海洋不在美麗。 在一次的浮潛中我看見小丑魚與海葵間的和平關係,海葵提供小丑魚安全的避所不被大魚攻擊,而小丑魚則引來獵物幫助海葵獵食,兩者間是和平共生的!然而台灣是一座四面環海的島嶼,海洋資源又是特別的重要,許多資源都來自於此,擁有寒暖流交會,所帶來豐富的漁業資源,港口的吞吐更造就了台灣出口貿易與經濟奇蹟,奇特的海岸地形也促進了觀光發展!這些一再的顯示出「海洋」對台灣的重性,也表現出人們與海洋之間是一個巨大的生命共同體,彼此牽引著對方。海洋是一個孕育生命的地方與人類存在著複雜的「共生」關係,只要有一方破壞了這個機制將會造成毀滅。 台灣與海洋在過去彼此和平共生,兩者間共生的關係是一個嚴密且循環的生態系統,彼此環環相扣,近年來人類慾望的高漲破壞了這個和平的共生機制及生態平衡,因此筆者將藉由島嶼與海洋間共生的關係作為研究的對象,並以海中生物共生的情形與人類結合,予以圖像化,運用象徵主義,將筆者之意念寄託於圖像之中,貫穿筆者此階段創作精神,以魔幻寫實作為視覺效果呈現,最後使用超現實主義之下意識書寫之技法表現海洋生物,並予以人類做連結。
When I studied in National Taitung Unerversity, there was an opportunity for me to visit Lüdao Township and Koto Island. Certainly, people who live there rely on the sea, including the traffic, the economic, and the sightseeing which are all relative to it. In recent years, the sea has been seriously destroyed and polluted. Consequently, the underwater world is not as lively as before. According to my personal experience of diving, I had noticed clownfish living with actiniae peacefully. The actiniae support the clownfish to avoid dangers; on the other side, the clownfish bring prey to the actiniae. Indeed, they could live in a peaceful and coadjutant environment. Due to the fact that Taiwan is an sea island, all the important resources come from the sea. Here come warm and cold ocean currents, which bring many fish to us. Building harbors increase Taiwan’s economic. Moreover, the unique coastal terrain enhances the tourism. These perspectives indicate that human beings and the sea are not able to be taken apart. Oceans which breed life have a complex and connective relationship with humans. If one is destroyed, the other system will be ruined simultaneously. Taiwan and the sea have been peacefully living together for decades. The relationship of the two is a close and circulatory ecology system. Nowadays, the balance of the peaceful symbiotic system and the ecology system has been ruined by people’s cupidity. Therefore, I will focus on the symbiotic relationship between island and ocean as the object of study. The symbiotic relationship between the island and the sea is considered as the object in the research. Furthermore, Surrealism, Symbol and Magical realism will be applied in my paintings.
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