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Title: 人間析‧繫─人際回返心性之創作歷程研究
Discreteness and Obsession on Earth – A Study on the Exploratory Journey of an Artistic Creation for Interpersonal Attachment
Authors: 林昌德
Yi-Lin Chao
Keywords: 水墨
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 東、西方在談論「藝術」時,時常將其與「遊戲」之間作多處聯繫,「墨戲」或是「禪畫」等,便是以此哲學思想,藉水墨為媒介所體現出來的繪畫作品。 「遊戲」最重要的本質即為「快樂」─在當下與內心共存的狀態。透過意識的解放,理解自我與外在的關係,並褪去社會制約下的種種束縛,才能回到自然、自在及自由的本性。另一方面,人無法離群所居,從社會中觀照自我,再經心的修練參與社會,這種互為主體的動力,便是人際回歸心性之遊戲。 因此,我以「析.繫」二字囊括前述兩者之義,是取 「嬉戲」的諧音詮釋人的心理狀態;及分、疏(析),聚、合(繫)的字義,呈現人與人之交往關係。 通篇論文主要援引莊子所談「精神自由」、「主客合一」,以及禪宗思想中的「遊戲三昧」作為研究主軸。如果說, 「主客合一」和 「三昧」為方法的話,「遊戲」及「精神自由」即是去除了偏見與執著,追求人類心靈無所繫縛的結果。無論是何者,都體現於自我的認識、了解,創作的技法、過程,以及作為參與社會的條件。 因此,藉由主動的經驗與探索,觀照本心,消除對立,作品呈現等便構成了一個循環的動態過程。而這過程並非平面的原地循環,我期許,也應是立體的向上成長!
When the East and the West debate "art," it is often communicated via "games”, “ink games” or “Zen paintings.” This ideal philosophy is even more reflected by the art form of ink paintings. The most important element of "games" is “happiness” – as it is the blended coexistence of our current moment and internal state of mind. It is through the liberation of ones’ own consciousness, understanding thyself and others, and letting all social constraints fade behind us, in which we can get back to nature and the natural pleasure of freedom and liberty. Nonetheless, people should not stray too far from social existence, but rather learn to self-contemplate themselves among society, and unwittingly practice how to interact with others. It is in this momentum that they can return to the game of their interpersonal mind. Therefore, I have chosen the homophonic interpretation of “analysis”「析.繫」to reflect on the psychological state of “play”「嬉戲」; and additionally have chosen the words “separate”分、疏(析),and ”togetherness” 聚、合(繫) to evaluate and further show the deep, significant relationship between people. Throughout this thesis, I have surrounded many objects quoted by Zhuangzi, including “spiritual freedom,” "subject-object unity," and Zen Buddhism in the "Game of Samadhi” as the major topic of discussion. If the "subject-object unity" and "Samadhi" is the method, then the "game" and "spiritual freedom" is the removal of prejudice and stubborn persistence, pursuing connections beyond just the human mind. My belief is that no matter the person, everyone is capable of achieving self-awareness, understanding, creative techniques, and it is through this process which we achieve the conditions to participate in society. Therefore, by the initiative of experience and exploration, contemplation of the Conscience, and eliminating opposition, so thereby constitutes a dynamic-processing cycle. Additionally, this process is neither two-dimensional nor flat, but rather a three-dimensional experience of growth!
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