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Title: 對偶形式之探討—以生命禮俗卡片設計為例
The form and content in Antithesis and Symmetry—Cards Design on Life Rites for Example
Authors: 蘇文清
Keywords: 對偶
Life rituals
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 中華文化千年來累積的智慧與內涵,隨著世代的更迭與交替,累積、破壞抑或是簡化與重組,面對西方文化的衝擊與影響,以形成現代的多元文化面貌,在回溯傳統資產,漢人社會發展的生命禮俗,在現代依舊存在於我們生活之中,雖然禮儀歷經了社會變遷與合乎時宜的簡化,仍然保有華人的陰陽對偶精神與文化意義,本創作研究以對偶思維生生不息的陰陽生命觀為出發點,第二章探討華人文化裡對偶意象的特性,在東方哲學中陰陽之間的和諧共存體現了虛實佈白的意境,在視覺設計上等同於圖地反轉的設計圖形,而對偶予人之印象類似於對稱所帶給人的平穩、和諧的感覺,進一步探討對稱圖形之操作手法,以圖地反轉和對稱形式為本創作研究的表現形式,以剪紙藝術中象徵陰陽結合的圖案為創作形式;第三章收集與分析坊間的生命禮俗卡片—彌月卡片、喜帖和訃聞,藉由對於坊間卡片樣式的分析,得知坊間的彌月卡片設計多為西式,缺乏中華文化之特色;喜帖設計雖已越來越多樣化,仍然可再增加可利用性與實用價值,讓喜帖不只是赴宴後即丟的回收品;訃聞牽扯人生忌諱的生死議題,在設計上可轉換心境,以更樂觀溫馨的方式來設計訃聞卡片,以此為設計的出發點,跳脫舊有的款式設計,以卡片的附加價值和文化涵養作為主要設計原則,結合對稱圖形四種操作手法—移動(Translation)、鏡映(Spegelung)、迴轉(Drehung)、擴大或縮小(Streckung),組合出一套含有對偶意象之對稱形式,其對稱形式要保有「成雙成對」的意涵必要使用鏡映(Spegelung)操作,圖形上為一對單位形再搭配其他操作進行對稱變化,要保有吉祥文化的概念,可運用了中國吉祥數字組合出五福臨門和六六大順和發(八的諧音),而要具有陰陽結合生生不息的意象,可運用連續圖形之操作。希望藉此對稱形式運用在生命禮俗卡片設計上的模式,能提供未來在中華文化創意產業上的拓展,開創出中華文化特色之多元面貌。
Chinese culture for thousands of years with the change of generations and the alternating faced with the impact and influence of Western culture. In the back of traditional assets, the Han people and social development life rituals still exist in our lives,and retain the Chinese yin and yang dual spiritual and cultural. The research focuses duality of yin and yang view of life as a starting point.The second chapter discusses the characteristics of the dual image of Chinese culture. Harmonious coexistence between the Oriental philosophy of yin and yang reflect the mood of the actual situation cloth white. In the visual design, is like equivalent of graphic design in Figure ground reversal. Similar to the symmetry carried by giving a smooth, even to the impression of the person the feeling of harmony. And further explore the symmetry of the operating practices. Figure ground reversal and symmetrical forms-based are manifestation of the creative research.Chapter III collect and to analyze the cards of life rituals-the full moon cards, wedding invitations, and obituaries. And know the deta results are the design of the full moon cards for western-style. The design of wedding invitations can increase the availability and practical value. The design of obituaries can increase convertible state of mind, more optimistic and warm.To Add worth for the card design, cultural conservation is as the main design principles. Combination of symmetry of four methods of operation- Translation、Spegelung、Drehung and Streckung. To constitute a symmetric form with dual image. Symmetric form to retain the meaning of “pairs” has to use “Spegelung”. To retain the concept of auspicious cultural has to use of Chinese lucky number-6 and 8. The symmetric form of the life rituals card design can provide the future expansion in the Chinese cultural and creative industries. Finally to create the Chinese cultural characteristics.
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