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Title: 臺灣大學生蘋果動新聞觀看經驗之個案研究
A Case Study of Viewing Experience of Apple Action News among Undergraduates in Taiwan
Authors: 趙惠玲
Keywords: 蘋果動新聞
Apple Action News
viewing experience
Media Literacy Model
visual culture
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 身處在一個影像充斥的世界,媒體趁勢在數位科技的技術一日千里的更迭中,漸以豐富多彩、眩目奪人的聲光效果,帶給人們許多感官的刺激,影響著生活在視覺文化氛圍的我們。其中,壹傳媒於多年前以蘋果日報此極具特色的風格,帶給臺灣觀眾不同的視覺張力外,近年更以蘋果動新聞,將過往傳統的新聞樣貌所顛覆、呈現出不一樣的新聞態勢。因此,藉此以梳理觀者在進行觀看蘋果動新聞的過程中,個人自身所懷的意識形態、判斷與思考的層面關注日常生活的影像,蔚為後現代藝術教育思潮下不可忽略的重要一環。 本研究目的在瞭解臺灣大學生觀看蘋果動新聞的經驗與感受、對於觀看其特定文本的媒體識讀模式與看法,經由訪談國立臺灣師範大學的大學生身為觀者其所流瀉的言談,以形成並深入認識大學生蘋果動新聞的觀看經驗。根據研究資料,本研究獲得三項主要的研究結果:大學生取得資訊得有娛樂性的選項和改變,卻也使大學生陷於悲觀與樂觀的選擇上兩難情緒、大學生覺察新聞視覺性的轉向與能展現自身的批判思考力、因新聞外所包裹的視覺娛樂糖衣,使大學生漸難辨真實與誇張間之差別。
In a world composed of and flooded with multiple images, the media, under the development of digital technology, stimulates the senses of everyone who’s living in a visual culture atmosphere with a colorful, eloquent, dazzling “son et lumiere.” Next Media especially not also has visual attraction to readers with Apple Daily, a newspaper differs from another conventional publishing in Taiwan, but subverts and overturns traditional news’ pattern in an unique animation way with Apple Action News. Therefore, to understand the ideology, appreciation, context of an era while people as a spectator / audience watching Apple Action News, focusing upon daily life image is for the sake of the contemporary postmodern art education trend. This research, in order to form the viewing experience of Apple Action News among undergraduates in Tai wan via depth interviews aims to classify what the points of view and feelings of undergraduates who have ever watched Apple Action News are and also further figure out the Media Literacy Model of the undergraduates from their way of looking at and perspectives on watching selected specific text of Apple Action News. Results are listed as follows..(1)undergraduates are able to have alternative access to news as a form of entertainment but falling into a paradox between positive and pessimistic emotions,(2)undergraduates themselves notice the visual turn by Apple Action News and try to express their attitude with critical thinking,(3)it’s gradually difficult to undergraduates to tell the difference of real-world reality and exaggerate simulation.
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