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Title: 觀照心靈對話 - 吳清海創作版畫論述
Reflective Spiritual Dialogue of Goh cheng hai Arts Practice
Authors: 朱友意
goh cheng hai
Spiritual Environment
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本文主要述說筆者多年觀察人類為自己利益往高科技發展,對地球、環境破壞,造成地球四大不調,國土危脆等驚世災難,因而意識到淨化心靈的重要性。 本文藉由釐清什麼是禪,進一步瞭解禪的意義及其修行方法、層次等。並透過版畫的黑白、簡樸的特性,呈現筆者多年學習禪修的體驗,以九宮格的方式依序排版,分別刻製出《覺悟者》、《菩提心》、《心靈環保》、《保護地球》、《參話頭》、《妄念》、《默照》、《素食者》、《生滅》和《一心念佛》十張作品,傳達筆者學習禪修的種種過程,以及禪修的好處,使觀者從作品中感受到淨化身心,達到身心自在的重要性。
This article is based on the author’s long-time observation on human development, driven by one’s own profits and interests, and the consequential impacts toward the Earth, environment, and climate conditions. Such human activities cause scary disasters on Earth and create the condition of “incompatibility among four major elements” and “fragility and frailness of land and ground”, which are common expressions in Buddhism. Therefore, the importance of “purification of mind” is recognized. The article introduces the idea of Chan, and further explains the meanings and the methods and hierarchy of practice. Through the black-and-white and plain features of printmaking, the author’s long-time experience of practicing meditation is demonstrated via a 3X3 grid. Ten pieces of works are created, namely “The awakened one”, “Bodhi mind”, “Spiritual environment protection”, “Protecting the Earth”, “Investigating hua-tou”, “Wandering thoughts”, “Silent-illumination”, “Vegetarian”, “Birth and decease”, and “Reciting in a unified mind”. The works convey the process of the author’s practice of meditation and deliver the benefits of practicing meditation. Furthermore, the works remind the audience the importance of body and mind purification and the ease of body and mind.
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