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Title: 壓解與消散—簡志剛生命議題創作探討
Compression and dissipated–art research about life by Chien Chih-Kang
Authors: 莊連東
Chien Chih-Kang
Keywords: 壓解
Ink and Water Painting
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 生命是否是平等的?是否有價值?又是否生命的存在有任何的意義? 在生活當中總用本位、自我的角度去看待任何事物,從小在都市生活的我,對於水泥建築中常見到的所謂動之物多是螞蟻、蟑螂、老鼠等所謂「害蟲」,捏死一隻螞蟻或發現一群螞蟻而大肆殺戮時並不會連結起關於生命這個議題,也不會在心理有任何起伏,看到蚊子停於牆面,大部分的人也是伺機將其打死,毫不考慮的。打中後心中只是單純而完全的喜悅快感,甚至就將屍體一直留在牆面,毫不在意與理會,好似牠不曾存在或比無生命的物質更加沒有價值意義,我曾於住家門口看見一隻被車子輾死的老鼠,眼見牠從飽滿但變形扭曲的軀體狀態漸變為乾癟而重疊到後期變成如紙片一般只剩下薄薄一片外在形樣,最終形體與厚度皆消散至完全不見。 那段期間我開始時是以噁心與懼怕的心情經過,而隨時間演進,除了對其物質狀態改變感到好奇之外,也開始對生命價值存在的意義和人性與社會結構問題進一步思索。 原本創作動機起點是觀察到被輾扁動物及新聞所示之社會價值的種種個體現象等,後續進一步思考延伸到了萬事萬物的普遍現象,而我所觀察到的種種現象事實攤於眼前,迴盪在我的腦中,所感興趣的、想要探討的不單是對人性的批判,更是對實存現象的理性提問,作品就如發佈一個真實的假消息,展現一個經營造的事實,在發聲的同時、創作的過程裡,自然的透露出創作者從主題選擇、想像擬態及著手實作所歷經的思考波折和理路轉變。 關鍵字: 壓解、消散、存在、生命、擬態、水墨創作
Is every creature created equal? Is every living thing of its own value? What is the meaning of existence? I am a person who always sees things on my own perspective. Growing up in city, I am likely to see ants, cockroaches and rats, the so-called “pests” in constructions of cement. Squashing an ant or killing a group of ants mercilessly doesn’t make me think of life issues. Nor could any act of killing the pests make me feel uncomfortable and suffering. One time, I even went quickly to swat a mosquito without hesitation the moment I saw it landing on a wall, just like the way most of the people would do. The feelings of happiness and fulfillment came to me after the mosquito was killed. Its body was left on the wall, but I just ignored and disregarded it as if there were ever no living thing, as if the mosquito were something less meaningful than lifeless creatures. I once saw a dead rat crushed by a car in front of my house. At first it was quite chubby but in a state of distorted figure. The body of the rat became dried and thick as a piece of paper, and finally it was just gone with the wind. During that time I had gone through a period of serious nausea and fear in mind. As time goes by, I have started cultivating interest in natural change in physical form or appearance and wondering the relationship between the meaning of life and the composition of humans and society. My motivation for the creation started with the observation of animals being crushed and the social values reflected by the media. Then I would like to begin the exploration on all things in life, the common phenomena in nature. What lingered in my mind most, or what interested me most lies not only in the critical judgment on human nature but also in the reasonable question about the existence of being. Releasing an art work is as much as publishing true “fake news” in which a fact is concocted, together with the voice of the creator, his/her choice of the topic, delicate manipulation of the production and even the processing process being clearly disclosed. Key Words: Compression , Dissipation, Existence, Being, Simulation, Ink and Water Painting
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