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Title: 慾望機器
Desire Machine
Authors: 林達隆
Keywords: 慾望

Conceptual Art
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 對於食物的渴望、物質的享受、人際之間的關懷等,生活中慾望無所不在,然而慾望總是帶給我們一點神祕的色彩,人們對於慾望的探索從未停止過,藝術家以慾望為探討核心來創作的更不在少數,觀念藝術大師杜象(Marcel Duchamp,1887-1968)的一系列現成物作品許多即充滿了慾望的連結,國際知名電影導演大衛柯能堡(David Cronenberg,1943-)以電影敘事的方式,表現慾望的各種面貌,以符號的象徵、科幻假設等敘事手法來呈現慾望的各種可能性與姿態。 人類的慾望驅使「機器」這個名詞在文明的社會中誕生,機械化時代的到來,顛覆了過去數千年人類生活的型態,快速而有效率是人類賦於機器誕生的意義,人類以此借力使力,不斷的從事生產,不斷的生產慾望,慾望製造機器,機器生產、滿足慾望,兩者的因果關係盤根錯節,不斷的循環,慾望是永無止息的。 原始的慾望是人類的根本,行為和想法無不根源於慾望,德勒茲(Gilles Deleuze,1925-1995)提到,「慾望不是通過缺乏才作用,而是會在自發性的每一次中斷後,繼續前往找尋連接的對象,慾望生產現實,並在現實世界中進行生產,慾望是機器的,慾望並不是在主體之內,而是機器在慾望之內,我們的身體就像一台大型的機器,處處都是慾望機器。」原始慾望指的即是交媾的行為,交媾的行為是一項在現實進行中的生產行為,而機器也是存在現實中的生產工具,以動畫創作的方式,將內心的慾望風景呈現在影像創作之中。 機器乘載了人們對於夢想與科技的寄望,隨著數位動畫蓬勃發展,在動畫中機械性的角色也就跟著多元化、人性化,除了娛樂性質外,機器也反映出人類的行為與思考模式,動畫原是一種想像式的創作,藉由繪圖來表現想像的張力,將想法誇張、突顯,滿足人類的感官及慾望,機器就是人類在慾望需求下的產物,很難與人類的想法脫離臍帶,而慾望的機器仍不斷的再生產慾望,由動畫將慾望機器的概念實質的表現出來。
Abstract The desire is ubiquitous such as the need of food, the enjoyment of material life and the attention of the mankind; it notwithstanding seems to be tinged with mystery. The probe into the desire is ceaseless and numerous artistic creations are based on the exploration of desire. A series of Real-Made works by the maestro of Conceptual Art, Marcel Duchamp, are teemed with the desire. International well-known directors, David Cronenberg, attempt to express diverse faces of desire by means of film narrative such as the symbols and the fictional plots. The term, machine, is driven by human desire and coined in the civilized society. Mechanical epoch usher celerity and efficiency in and simultaneously overthrow traditional lifestyle lasting for thousands years. Nevertheless, the desire results in machine production and vise versa. It is an infinite loop. The root of human is desire, from which behavior and thought are produced. Deleuze highlight that desire does not just operate for lack but spontaneously approach the objects to link the moment every interruption occurs. The body is analogous to a machine, full of desire. To human, it refers to sexual intercourse which gives birth to next generation. To machine, it means production. Machines carry dream and hope which technology bring about. With the advance of digital animation, mechanical roles are of humanness and vary. The animation portrays and embodies mental activities. In addition to cater for entertainment, it reflects human behaviors and incorporates mode of thinking. The drawings, full of exaggeration, depict the inner imagery and furthermore satisfy the demand of sense organ. Desire and machine, they get involved with each other and are inseparable. The machine of desire is visualized by the animation.
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