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Title: 結構與解構—應用高概念之3D動畫創作研究
Construction and Deconstruction–An Application of High Concept in 3D Animation
Authors: 林達隆
Keywords: 高概念
High concept
3D computer animation
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 好萊塢近年來賣作電影「星際大戰」(Star Wars)、「哈利波特」(Harry Potter)等等,無疑在全球掀起話題和無限的商機,而這些電影背後所存在的法則,就是從七○年代好萊塢經營商業模式「高概念」(High Concept)發展開始,一直至今仍非常活躍。 Wyatt(1994)以「the Look, the Hook, and the Book」一言以蔽之說明「高概念」含意。所謂的「Look」指的是電影的賣相,而「Hook」是指一部電影內總有個扣人心懸的地方。「Book」則是指電影文本簡單扼要的主軸呈現。大導演Steven Spielberg也說「如果一個人能用25個單字或更少告訴我故事主軸想法,那我會考慮將它拍一部的電影」。 本研究論文主要探討「高概念」文本架構,從「高概念」的歷史發展,並藉由高概念觀點切入,分析電影類型中「高概念」與其文本之間的關係。 由此研究脈絡創作出含有「高概念」的動畫短篇作品,藉由創作作品發展成和研究主題作相互呼應。
Hollywood in recent years to blockbusters like "Star Wars", "Harry Potter" and so on, no doubt set off topic in the world and unlimited business opportunities, which exist in the film behind the rule is from the 70's operating business model in Hollywood "high concept" began the development has been very active so far. Wyatt (1994) with "the Look, the Hook, and the Book" a word that "high concept" meaning. The "Look" refers to the sale of the film, and "Hook" refers to a movie to have attractive power of people. "Book" refers to the film version of a simple spindle. Director Steven Spielberg has said that "If a person can be 25 words or less told me the story of main ideas, then I will consider it to shoot a film." The main thesis of this study was to explore the "high concept" version of architecture, from the "high concept" of historical development, and by the view into the high-concept, analysis of the film type in "high concept" and its relationship between the text. This study contains the context to create "high concept" of short animated works, by the development of creative works and research into a theme echoed each other.
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