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Title: 青春.圖像.記憶 — 劉冠意水墨人物創作研究
Youth, Image, Memory — Research on Liu, kuan-I’s Ink Figure Paintings
Authors: 林昌德
Keywords: 青春
self portrait
chaotic period
Ink figure painting
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 「喜歡被認識、勇於表達、樂於分享、創造生命的價值意義與個人存在感。」 在這個世代中,年輕人追尋歸屬感並要求平等對待,運用科技留下青春的戳記,企圖塑造一種不易被取代的定位。數位相機的發明將我們帶入了一個新的時代,當下年輕人用此隨手記錄生活態度、對於流行文化的崇拜與追隨、建立自己的品味主張、追求在鏡頭裡才有的存在感以及按下快門間短暫的解放。 本研究從自身的生活經驗出發,透過自拍以及拍攝與被拍攝者、觀察與被觀察者角色的置換探討相機成像與日常生活中人物的內心世界與表像中的「我們」和稍縱即逝的青春。由生活周遭取材,找尋最常接觸或是最有感觸的對象加以研究並觀察、分析其當時的心理狀態與情感層面,進而進行創作。 「青春.圖像.記憶」,是一種展現外在自我的態度、對於混沌時期內在自我的詮釋。每一個心理生理逐漸成熟的個體,總會有些最難以忘懷的青春時光,在每個不再回來的春夏秋冬裡,該如何去追尋與保存?人的裝束、表情、態度跟所處的當下與時代息息相關,會隨著時空轉換而有所不同,歷史和回憶不斷被創造的同時,筆者透過相機與畫筆,記錄下畫面中模特的形象,並歸類出自身的繪畫特點,以水墨寫意人物為主軸,研究前人之相關理論與創作經驗,擷取西方繪畫部分特色,做為創作發展的依據,並衍伸出自我的繪畫創作風貌。以下為本研究架構: 第一章 緒論 第二章 研究計畫 第三章 創作論述基礎 第四章 「青春.圖像.記憶」之創作理念 第五章 創作形式、內容、媒材與技法 第六章 創作實踐與作品解說 第七章 結論
“I'm fond of being known, I'm eager to express myself, and above all, I'm happy to share and create the value and significance of life and a personal sense of being.” In this era, young adults pursue a sense of belonging and ask for respect. We tend to leave imprints of youth via technology with an view to molding an irreplaceable status. The invention of digital camera brings us into a new era in which contemporary young adults use it to record their attitudes toward life and worship of pop culture, to develop their own distinct taste, and to pursue a sense of being specific to the world inside camera and a temporary sense of release between the opening and closing of shutters. This study sets out from my personal experience to examine the camera imaging process, the everyday persons' inner world, and the apparent "we" and ephemeral youth, by means of self-photographing and of reversing the roles of the photographer and the photographed, the viewer and the viewed. "Youth, Image, Memory" is an attitude showcasing the external self and an interpretation commenting on the chaotic internal ego. Every individual reaching maturity psychologically and physically has some unforgettable memories of youth. In the irrevocable passing of time, how to pursue and preserve a person's attire, facial expression, and attitudes is closely related to the present time being and contemporary setting. As history and memory are continually created, I record the image of the model in the frame via camera and brushes and seek to find out my own distinctiveness pivoted on ink painting by means of researching on relevant theories and creative experience and drawing on the characteristics of western painting. chapter one introduction chapter two research plan chapter three the basis of discourse chapter four the creative concept behind Youth, Imag, Memory chapter five The form, content, medium and technique of the creative process chapter six Practice and analysis chapter seven conclusion
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