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Title: 軀體的人文細節-肉身童話 黃沛涵創作論述
Authors: 蘇憲法
Shian Fa Su
Peihang Huang
Keywords: 身體肖像畫
Body portrait
Aesthetics of violence
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 摘要 藝術創作有很多目的,有為了抒發個人情感而作,也有為了國家社會而作,身為這個時代下的年輕創作者,筆者自問該如何找到自身的立足點?筆者回憶起了自身的童年到成長這段過程中,許多看似毫不相關的事情漸漸的連在一起。 從成長的過程中的純真,很單純的只想要有朋友有東西玩,在家裡私密的享受玩具的陪伴的同時,無意中卻也受到台灣以及全球化下的影響,成為全球化中的一員,從如此微小的點連結到世界,這一切像是骨牌一樣一路影響。「蝴蝶效應」裡,上空一隻小小的蝴蝶搧動翅膀而擾動了空氣,長時間後可能導致遙遠的彼地發生一場暴風雨,透過自身微小的生活觀察,能夠體會出什麼樣的藝術觀點?筆者從自身的生活中觀察起,以玩偶娃娃這樣微小的題材嘗試去體會人生,藉由身體的肖像畫形式為手法創作,並且希望可以以小觀大,從中體察到1980年後出生的台灣年輕人的內心的狀態,希望筆者之創作能夠為這個年代留下一個樣本。 在以下之研究中,筆者將於第二章中從玩偶娃娃背後所攜帶的文化符碼,闡述與人類行為之間的投射關係,同時間選取小叮噹以及芭比娃娃為樣本,驗證玩偶娃娃角色在消費的社會狀態中所佔之角色。 第三章探究筆者創作中所運用手法背後之脈絡與發展。從寫實繪畫與表現主義繪畫中間各自做對照,同時間說明在藝術史裡面身體肖像畫創作之內涵、暴力美學的運用以及最為當代科技之必備的數位影像術作為創作之輔助工具所帶來之不同面貌。 在第四章則會從筆者的心境說明作品所採取的觀點,並從個人美感經驗之偏好與背景與創作手法之運用,分析所運用之形式與精神。 第五章則是從作品分析去印證前四章之論述,藉由與觀者之互動尋求認同感。最後的第六章則是結論,將本研究之心得歸納總結並且提出未來之遠景。 關鍵字: 身體肖像畫、玩偶娃娃、暴力美學
Abstract Artistic creation exists for numerous purposes. Some perform it to release their personal feelings, others for their country or the society. As an author in this new era, how could one finds his or hers own place and make his or hers own stand? When harking back into childhood memories, this author discovered that pieces which seemed irrelevant at first glance, now starts to form a clear picture. Began with the innocence and longing for companion of childhood, the intimate sentiment of enjoying the playmate’s company was connected to the mass globalization throughout Taiwan and rest of the world, extending and expanding its effect like a house of cards. In the famous Butterfly Effect, the flicking of a single butterfly’s wing can cause a lightning storm far and away, and what kind of artistic point of view can one deduce from simply observing trifle daily live? Started from personal experience, this author wishes to experience everyday lives through a theme as insignificant as childhood dolls, using portraits as the channel for expressing personal message to observe the macrocosmic world and the mental state of the beat generation, and leave a sample to reflect this particular time of our existence. Under the following research, this author will first use the cultural code expressed by dolls mentioned in Chapter 2 to interpret the projection between interpersonal relations, while using Doraemon and Barbie Dolls as sample to demonstrate the role they play in the social-consumer status. Chapter 3 expresses the themes and the development of the method which the author has used in artistic creation. It begins with the comparison of realistic painting and expressionist painting, then moves to the essence of body portraits in artistic history. Then the aesthetics of violence and digital image technology which has been widely used as the support tool of creation. Chapter 4 will focus on the statement this author wishes to make in accordance to personal sentiment, while analyzing the form and artistic credo this author preferred under personal aesthetic experience and background. Chapter 5 is the realization of the statements mentioned in the former chapters, aiming to interact with viewers to confirm the theory proposed earlier, while Chapter 6 sums up the thesis and provides a personal view on future development. Keywords: Body portrait 、Doll、Aesthetics of violence
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