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Title: 小學力~臺北市仁愛國小識別系統之創作研究
The Forces Driven By Elementary Schools-A Creative Study of the Identity System in Ren-Ai Elementary School
Authors: 林磐聳
Keywords: 小學力
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究從企業識別系統的角度出發,探討台灣國民小學導入識別系統的概念、時機點與實施方法。探詢公立國民小學導入識別系統的相關程序。 藉由台灣國民小學最常運用的視覺識別—校徽,研究臺北市公立國民小學的視覺識別,進行校徽圖像的分類,分析臺北市校徽運用的現況與造型的特色,藉以做為創作的基礎。並針對臺北市實施識別系統的小學,進行資料蒐集與訪查,建立運用現況,發現公立國民小學實施問題與解決方法。 根據以上的分析結果進行臺北市仁愛國小導入識別系統的創作。以五十週年校慶為導入識別系統的時機點。依照識別系統的核心架構實際進行國民小學識別系統的設計與規劃,發現未來學校發展的可能性。 從本研究的文獻探討與創作過程中,透過識別系統導入公立國民小學的過程、發展與執行,提供未來國民小學推動完整識別系統之參考。
This research examines the concept , timing, and methods of implementation of the identity system in elementary schools in Taiwan based on the corporate identity system. It probes into the procedures of introducing the identity system into public elementary schools. In order to study the visual identity of the public elementary schools in Taipei City, insignias, the most commonly adopted visual symbols, are categorized to analyze their characteristics of style and their application. This then becomes the basis of my creative desgin. Furthermore, data is collected and interviews are carried out in schools with identity system to discover the difficulties and solutions. The design of an identity system uniquely for Ren-Ai Elementary School is formed based on the result of the above analysis. The celebration for the school’s 50th anniversary provides an excellent timing for introducing the identity system. To discover the possibilities of the school’s progress in the future, designs and plans for elementary school identity system are carried out according to its core structure. In addition to the process of doing literature studies and reviews as well as the process of designing in my research, I hereby provide a reference for promoting a complete identity system in the future through the process , development and execution of introducing identity system to elementary schools.
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