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Title: 企業吉祥物造型及應用研究-以國賓影城吉祥物為例
Corporate Mascot Design and Application Research-Take the Ambassador Theatres Mascot for Example
Authors: 林俊良
Leo Lin
Chung Ben Jen
Keywords: 平面設計
Graphic Design
Corporate Identity
Integrated Marketing Communication
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究分為兩大部分,第一部分從吉祥物之歷史及沿革定義吉祥物之範圍,並探討吉祥物之功能與目的;以現有吉祥物之造型分析進行吉祥物之造型設計研究;最後配合案例分析導入整合行銷傳播之概念,建立吉祥物之設計與應用流程。 第二部分則根據以上之分析結果進行國賓影城吉祥物之創作,針對國賓影城進行內外部分析後,藉由企業核心價值的確認建立吉祥物核心概念,以此核心概念進行吉祥物之造型設計,並依照順序進行吉祥物之相關規範與應用創作。 從以上之文獻探討與創作過程中,本研企圖究藉由吉祥物創作與應用流程之建立以及實際之執行過程,提供相關領域之研究者與從業人員作為參考,期望改善現有之吉祥物使用情形。並提出不足之處,以利相關之後續研究。
There are two main parts in this research: In the first part, the research starts with the history and development of mascot to define the scope of mascot. And then probe into the mascot’s function and objective by studying and analyzing nowadays mascots design. By combining integrated marketing communication concept with case study, to build up the design and application process of mascot. In the second part, according to previous analysis result, we create the mascot for the Ambassador theatres. After complete examined, we come out the the Ambassador theatres’ mascot main concept with the confirmation of the Ambassador theatres’ core value. Based on this concept, we process the Ambassador theatres mascot design and its related regulation and applied creation. From these documental studies and creation, this research try to offer the reference for related researcher and work force by mascot’s design and establishment of applied procedure. And to expect these references can improve the usage of mascot and also point out the lack to look for continuous research.
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