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Title: 視覺誘導應用在月曆設計創作研究
A Study on Application of Visual Guidance in Calendar Design
Authors: 林俊良
LIN Chun-Liang, Leo
Keywords: 視覺誘導
Visual Guidance
Visual Movement
Calendar Design
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 受傳播科技進步之影響,觀者於日常生活中所接受之視覺訊息亦與日劇增,平面設計工作者如何透過版面中有效的視覺流程設計使觀者有效率的接受訊息,進而達到視覺誘導之功能為本創作研究之首要目的。 本創作研究以文獻探討與實驗創作為主,文獻探討旨在探索視覺誘導之原理,藉由點、線、面、體等造形法則、版面配置原則及視覺心理所能構成視覺動勢之方式,以月曆設計為例,將研究結果應用於創作之中。本創作研究之結論分述如下: 1.注視點為視覺誘導之起點,終點與版面中視覺動線之終點相同。 2.視覺誘導的順序受版面元素配置影響。 3.常用於月曆設計之視覺誘導呈現方式分為: (1)點的呈現。 (2)線的呈現:分為單一曲線、連續曲線、單一直線、多條直線。 (3)面的呈現。 (4)面的漸變。 (5)角度的轉換。 (6)具方向性的造形。
Having greatly benefited from advanced communication technologies, audiences nowadays actually perceive more visual messages than ever. This creative research examines how graphic designers can convey explicit messages to audiences and realize the function of visual guidance through effective visual process designs on the layout. This creative research is mainly concerned with literature review and experimental designs with respect to the aspects abovementioned. In an attempt to assess the principles of visual guidance, I will look into the principles of forms, principles of layout, and how the visual movement emerges from visual psychology. Being applied into experimental calendar designs, the findings of this paper can be summarized as follows: 1. The process of visual guidance starts from the gaze point, and the destination of which is identical to that of the visual movement. 2. The sequence of visual guidance is correlated to the layout of elements used. 3. Common presentations of visual guidance in calendar designs include: (1) The presentation of points (2) The presentation of lines: single curve, running curve, single line, multiple lines. (3) The presentation of planes (4) The transformation of planes (5) The shift of angles (6) The directorial formations
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