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Title: 圖像混搭遊戲-台灣當下次文化現象之繪畫研究
Authors: 蘇憲法
Keywords: 圖像混搭
Mix Images
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討圖像混搭在台灣當代繪畫藝術創作上的應用關係,共分為六章。台灣是筆者所居住的島嶼,在過去的年代經歷了戰爭和種族間的爭奪,數次政權的轉移,經濟的發展加速了島嶼整體的開發程度,人們對於文化在地性的堅持已經鬆綁,任由各種國際間主流及非主流的文化進出,因此,島嶼上的人們能任意穿梭於文化的邊界,文化的融合也意味著原有的文化產生質變,後現代主義仍然當道的年代,圖像的任意挪用跟台灣當代藝術主體的建構有何關聯? 由第一章緒論,介紹研究動機與目的、研究範圍及名詞解釋。第二章藉由國際超前衛與後現代藝術探究圖像混搭的藝術理論,釐清諧擬、擬仿、挪用在創作手法上的區別,透過後現代哲思及古典遊戲理論的佐證援引支撐筆者對於在當代藝術創作所應持有的態度。第三章從繪畫藝術的正典延伸到寫實繪畫的批判性格,重新分析台灣藝術發展透過環境變遷與的演繹脈絡,釐清時代產生的問題如何藉由應有的態度因應而創作。第四章說明創作內容、形式、與技法,敘述作品中的物件所引導的符號與意圖,亦簡述創作過程中繪畫以外的前置作業。第五章介紹筆者研究所就讀期間,系列作品的內容、形式、技法與媒材等創作概觀,根據《國王遊戲》系列十一件作品解說。由第六章作結論,做為本研究的理論實踐及檢討印證的對象。
ABSTRACT This study was designed to explore the image mix of contemporary painting in Taiwan, the artistic creation of the application of the relationship is divided into six chapters. Introduction chapter to introduce the study of motivation and purpose of the study and interpretation of the term. Chapter II by the international super-avant-garde and post-modern art mix images to explore the art of the theory of harmonic to be clarified, to be like, misappropriation creative difference in the modus operandi through the post-modern philosophy and classical game theory of evidence cited to support this writer in the contemporary artistic creation should be the attitude of the holder. Chapter III of the arts from painting to the canonical extension of the critical realist painting character, re-analysis of the development of the arts in Taiwan through the Environmental Change and the interpretation of context, to clarify the question of how the times have the right attitude by written response. Chapter IV that created the content, form, and technique, the object described by the work of the symbols with the intention of guiding, but also on the creative process of painting outside in the pre-operation. Institute of the fifth chapter is devoted to studying the author, the series of content, form, technique and overview of creative media such as, according to "King of Games" series of 11 works to explain. The conclusions reached by the sixth chapter, as this study proves theory of practice and review the object.
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