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Title: 水殿清香-東西方藝術的對話
Lotus Paintings-the melody between the orient and the occident
Authors: 蘇憲法
Keywords: 全球化
orient and occident
Chinese ink painting
literati painting
Abstract Expressionism
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 人在各自所屬的區域文化中涵養而成長,並在生活中展現其種種特質,如思考的向度、處世之態度、對物象投射之特殊情感……等,都與區域文化的特性息息相關,就像嬰兒以臍帶自母體吸收養分般,即使經過切割分離,也無法抹滅其與母體曾經緊密依存共生之事實,亦不能劃分那樣血肉相連的至親之情。 筆者自學習藝術以來,雖以油畫、水彩等西方媒材最為擅長與偏好,然內心對中國的水墨藝術始終有著一份難以割捨的感情。這樣的情懷蘊釀轉化成內在創作動機,於是筆者思索著將東西方美學的元素融合為一運用至創作中,在西方媒材的框架中發揚東方藝術之特質。因此,「以慣用的西方媒材表現出東方風味」就成為筆者近來創作時所關切的課題,也試圖從中找尋更多東西方藝術相互對話之可能性。 本研究以「荷花」為創作內容之主軸,不只是源於筆者對其形色、生態的喜愛之情,荷花也是中國畫中常見之主題,以主題的內涵與象徵寓意加強創作整體之中國風味,是為「中法西用」的第一步,且透過主客體交融的心靈感受造境,於創作中體現中國「天人合一」之精神。形式與技巧上則將東西方藝術中各長的表現手法予以融會結合,而以「中西合璧」的方式呈現出來,並與創作之思想、理論交相驗證,在作品中檢視成果。 最終,藉文字分析與記錄本次研究過程,做為現階段個人創作的反省與檢討,以便釐清觀念與肯定自我信念,開展創作生涯新里程!
Everyone grows up in his culture background, and shows different characters in his daily life. Philosophy, attitude, and emotion are all deeply influenced by culture background. As same as a baby get nutrition from his mother through the umbilical cord, a person can not deny the fact that he ever closely lived with his mother and can not cut the inseparable tie of blood. Although the author has learned western painting such as oil painting and watercolor for a long time, he still has much passion for Chinese ink painting. This passion becomes his motive to think how to combine the oriental and occidental aesthetics in his creation and to emphasize the oriental art feature with occidental media. Therefore, “how to express the oriental atmosphere with occidental media” is the main topic in his recent creation. The author tries to find the combining possibility between oriental art and occidental art. This study focuses on the subject of lotus, which is not only his favorite plant but also one of the traditional motifs in Chinese painting. To increase the Chinese atmosphere with emphasizing the symbol of motif is the first step of “Chinese theory applied by western media". The following step is to harmonize the mind and object to express the Chinese philosophy of “the harmony between the heaven and human”. On forms and techniques, he tries to mix the oriental and occidental painting skills to create a series of works based on the theory of “Chinese style associated with Western style”. Finally, the author examines and assesses his works with analyzing and recording the creating process to try to clarify his aesthetic idea and even establish a new milestone of his creation!
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