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Title: 創造思考教學融入電腦動畫課程對國小六年級學童創造力的影響研究
The study of the influence of creative thinking teaching integrated to computer animation curricula on the creativity of sixth grade students.
Authors: 林仁傑
Jen-Chieh Lin
Chia-Lin Chang
Keywords: 創造思考教學
Creative thinking teaching
Computer animation
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 摘要 本研究旨在探討「創造思考教學融入電腦動畫課程」對國小六年級學童創造力之影響。以準實驗研究法之「不相等控制組前後測設計」,以臺北市某國小六年級兩個班級的學童為樣本,安排一班為實驗組,另一班為控制組,接受為期八週的實驗課程,實驗組接受創造思考教學,控制組則接受一般講述式教學。 本研究的研究工具為:拓倫思圖形創造思考測驗(TTCT)甲式、研究者自編的電腦作品共識評量表以及質化資料(包括教學軼事記錄、訪談、課程回饋單、省思單等)。量化資料以獨立樣本單因子共變數分析來進行;質化資料則以內容分析為主。 本研究主要發現如下: 一、在量化分析方面: 1.「創造思考教學融入電腦動畫課程」能有效增進六年級學童在「變通力」、「獨創力」與「精進力」的創造認知能力,而在「流暢力」方面則無顯著差異。 2.「創造思考教學融入電腦動畫課程」能有效增進六年級學童在電腦作品的「創意造型」、「創意內容表現」與「創意整體性表現」的能力,而在「創意色彩配置與變化」與「創意繪圖技巧」方面則無顯著差異。 二、在質化分析方面: 1.「創造思考教學融入電腦動畫課程」有助於學童啟發創意想法與表現,同時能提升其學習意願與興趣。 2.在本教學實驗結束後,實驗組學童對整體課程具有高度肯定與正向回饋。 研究者根據上述的研究結果提出建議,以作為教育應用及未來研究的參考。 關鍵字:創造思考教學、電腦動畫、創造力
Abstract This study used a quasi-experimental, nonequivalent control group design and aims to investigate the effects of “Creative thinking teaching into the computer animation curricula” on the creativity of the sixth graders. Subjects were students from two sixth grade classes in an elementary school in Taipei City. One class represented the experimental group, while the other one was the control group. Each of the classes was given computer animation instruction for eight sessions of classes in two months. The experimental group received creative thinking teaching strategies. The control group received general lecture teaching strategies. This study incorporated quantitative and qualitative approaches. Two assessment tools were conducted, which included“Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking , TTCT” and the “Consensual Assessment of Computer Works” designed by the author. Quantitative data were analyzed by ANCOVA. Qualitative data processed by content analysis were gathered from teacher's classroom anecdotes, interviews, student reflection logs, and student feedback about the instruction. Four findings were listed as follows: 1.The strategies of “Creative thinking teaching into the computer animation curricula” could increase the sixth grader’s cognitive abilities of creativity in the way of flexibility, originality, and elaboration. 2.The strategies of “Creative thinking teaching into the computer animation curricula” could increase the sixth grader’s creative performing of computer works in the way of “creative graphic design”, “creative contents”, and “integral creative performing”. 3.The strategies of “Creative thinking teaching into the computer animation curricula” could promote sixth grader’s creative thinking and performing abilities. 4.After experiment of teaching, students in the experimental group showed positive acknowledgement and feedbacks to the whole instruction. Conclusions for practical application and suggestions for further research were discussed. Keyword: Creative thinking teaching, Computer animation, Creativity
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