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Title: 成人參與美術才藝班學習經驗之研究
A Study on Adults’ Learning Experiences in Art Supplementary Class
Authors: 陳瓊花
Kai-Lin Sun
Keywords: 成人藝術教育
adult art education
social art education
art supplementary class
learning experience
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究之研究目的為了解非藝術背景成人離開學校正規教育之後,參與美術才藝班的學習經驗,包括成人參與美術才藝班之學習動機、學習歷程、以及學習結果。期使藝術教育者和社會大眾更加重視成人的藝術教育,提供教導成人藝術學習的教師在教學上的參考,並增進民眾學習藝術的興趣。 為達成研究目的,本研究採用深度訪談、參與觀察,文件收集三種方法,立意選取國立台灣藝術教育館開設之西畫班、國立台灣師範大學進修推廣部開設之油畫班、李老師私人畫室三個不同屬性場域中,共十三位成人學習者做為研究個案。本研究之研究工具為成人參與美術才藝班學習經驗訪談大綱和美術才藝班觀察提綱。本研究根據資料分析,獲致以下主要研究結果: 一、就成人參與學習動機而言,參與的學習者大多對藝術抱持著正面態度,但在生活中卻很少有所接觸。影響成人參與學習動機的因素包括1.自我期望目標的設定2.自我學習能力的評鑑3.資訊的刺激4.環境的刺激5.家人的影響五項。成人參與的動機類型包括1.喜愛與興趣2.增進相關能力的需求3.休閒的需求4.脫離現實的需求等四項。 二、就成人參與學習的歷程而言,在不同類型美術才藝班有不同的課程安排,在學習過程中教師作為知識的傳遞者和協助指導者,讓學習者在平等溫暖、輕鬆愉快的上課氣氛中進行技法練習、作品畫面賞析的油畫學習。在學習過程中學習者經歷了高低起伏的體驗,並且以主動積極的態度進行自我學習活動。 三、就成人參與學習的結果而言,參與學習後最主要的影響為個體精神層面的提升,同時在生活品質的提升上亦有很大影響,包括1.人際交流的收穫2.生活忙碌充實3.體悟人生哲理4.居家品質提升5.增進家庭關係五項。藝術知能方面的增進包括1.觀察能力2.繪畫技巧3.藝術欣賞能力4.繪畫知識四項能力的增進。最後,除了身體健康的因素,所有個案均會基於其良好的學習經驗而持續參與學習,體現了終身學習的精神與態度。 最後,根據研究結論,本研究針對社會藝術教育相關機構、藝術教育工作者、成人藝術學習者、及後續研究的方向分別提出具體建議。
This study aims to study and understand adults’ learning experiences after they graduate from school in the art supplementary class. The learning experiences include learning motivation, learning process, learning result of adults in the art supplementary class. This study tries to attract the attention of educators and the public being aware of the importance of adults’ art education, and also offers the references to teachers to make the increase of the public interest. For approaching the aims, I am going to use three kinds of different methods including interviews、field investigation, documents collecting and studying. My targets for the research include three different properties which are the western paintings course offers by National Taiwan Arts Education Center, oil painting course offers by National Taiwan Normal University Extension Division for Inservice and Continuing Education, Lee’s private studio, and include 13 adult students. my research tool are the interview outline and a classroom observation scheme. According to the research, main results are as following: A. Adults students regard the arts toward a positive attitude, and seldom do they contact this field. The reasons of the motive of their participation include:1. constructing of the aim of self expectation 2. appraise of self learning ability 3. stimulation of information 4. stimulation of surrounding 5. effects of family. The motive of their participation includes:1. interest 2. require of relative ability 3. require of leisure time 4.require of escape from reality. B. In the processing of adults’ participation, different art supplementary class offer different arrangement of course. As a transmitter of knowledge and assistant, teachers should promise students the skill and appreciation of oil painting learning in a atmosphere of fairness and joyness. Students start their automatic learning toward a positive attitude after experiencing the process of being given a lesson. C. In the results of adults’ participation, main effect after learning is the sublimation of individual spirit and also the quality of life, which include the construction of interpersonal relationship 2. enriching the life 3. awareness of philosophy of life 4. promoting the quality of daily life 5. improving the relationship of family. The acquisition from the knowledge of the arts includes 1.the ability of observation 2.the skills of drawing 3.the appreciation of the arts 4. the knowledge of painting. All the case we have aimed except those who suffer personal healthy problem maintain their course in a reason of wonderful learning experience. They have shown the spirit of lifelong learning. Finally, according to my research, I am going bring up some concrete suggestions individually to the institutes for social art education , art educators, adults students, and the direction for further studies.
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