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Title: 「光」與「信仰」之造境-黃書容「光之意象」系列創作論述
Creation of "Light and Faith" –The Image of Light Series by Huang Shu Jung
Authors: 朱友意
Chu Yu Yi
Huang Shu Jung
Christian Art
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 基督教藝術中,常以「光」來象徵神性事物的顯現,並且讓觀者感受到神聖、崇高、救贖、永生等情感。筆者試圖論述基督教信仰的精神、基督教信仰與藝術創作之間的關係,並探討在美術史中「光」之元素如何演變、應用,以及基督徒藝術家作品中對於「光」的概念是如何展現。 「光之意象」系列,為筆者從2011年初至2013年間所創作、延伸的作品。將「光」轉化為「道路、真理、生命」的意象,光之來源的「日」視為「基督」、「時代」的象徵,並運用各種自然元素主觀營造的情境。透過這些造境投射自我心境、以及對嶄新變化的期許。其中包含「溯光」系列、「水循環」系列、以及「日晷」系列,並於文中說明這些系列作品發展的過程和形式特徵。 神以話語引導筆者經歷了這一段創作、成長的期間。透過這些畫作欲傳達的,不僅是筆者個人的創作理念,更包含了 神的話語、和成就 神旨意的殷切期盼。謹將這一切的成果獻給祂、以及祂所愛的人們。
In Christian art, "Light" is often used as a symbolism towards the manifestation of divine objects. It enables the audience to feel the emotions of divinity, sublimity, salvation, eternal life and etc. The artist attempts to discuss the disposition behind Christian faith, the relationship between Christian faith and art, how the elements of "Light" evolve throughout art history, and its application, in addition to how Christian artists portray their "Light" concepts in their work. The artist initially created the “Imagery of Light” series in early 2011, and the work was further extended in 2013. The transformation imagery of "Light" to "The way, the Truth and the Life", where the source of light – "Sun" is a symbolism of "Christ" and "era", which various natural, subjective elements were used to create the ambience. Through these assembled settings, it projects one’s inner mind, mood, and expectations for new changes. Within the work also includes series of "Prospective Light", "Water Cycle", and "Sundial", where these series’ development process and highlighted features are explained in the corresponding detailed text. God’s Word has guided me through this period of creation and growth. Through these paintings, the artist not only conveyed self, creative concept, but also contained Word of God and the ardent desire to fulfill will of God. Bestowal all honor and glory to him and to his beloved people.
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