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Title: 成長˙記事-周書禹的墨彩人物畫創作
The Growth Record ─Chinese Ink and Color Painting Creation of Shu-yu Chou
Authors: 林昌德
Shu-yu Chou
Keywords: 成長
Ink and Color
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 筆者從學生時代就喜愛以人物作為創作題材,從剛開始只求形似的、單純景物的描寫,漸漸體認出創作人物有其與時代結合的必要性,且想藉由創作內涵反映社會現況,然而,在投入教育工作的這幾年體會到,兒童在成長的過程中,其實,教育的觀念與社會的環境對他們人格的養成是非常重要的,因此,在創作的內容及形式上,從表現孩童天真稚氣的一面,也逐漸加入媒體意象及象徵成長過程的圖案,以豐富創作內涵,增加作品深度。以下就本研究架構做一簡述: 第一章「緒論」闡述個人之研究動機、目的、方法與範圍 從事教育六年的我,在當中深感教育環境與社會觀念對兒童有極大的影響,因此,想以學齡前兒童為創作主題,來表達兒童天真爛漫的情境並呈現台灣社會媒體及教育對兒童的影響。之前作品形式與學習內容皆以西畫為主,但在師大求學的過程中,深受中國人物畫的吸引,因此,決定嘗試以中西方人物畫的表現內涵與創作形式加以融合,並結合現成物拼貼與版畫等媒材豐富創作內容並提升作品深度及廣度,使其與時代做結合,期能帶給墨彩畫創作內容與表現媒材的新意,並能與觀者產生共鳴。 第二章 分析並探討墨彩創作的要素 筆者將探討並分析中國傳統嬰戲圖的表現手法與內涵,且自我統整規納其墨彩創作需要的內涵,強調創作最初總需要對事物寄於情感上的抒發,並將自己的創作作品所呈現的主要形式分為三個階段,也就是模仿自然、傳達事物本質及最後達到自我意識的呈現。 第三章 個人創作的理念與實踐 創作當以體現生活為主要目的,將社會現況與時代性帶入畫中,藉由畫作的表現傳達社會教化的功能。其主要內容就思想上有(一)反映民生(二)生命議題的探討(三)兒童教育與社會環境的批判,而創作技巧則以中西繪畫技巧相容並強調畫面象徵圖案的重要性。 第四章 作品分析 作品全以兒童為主角,從單純生活記憶的描述逐漸轉變為多媒材且社會議題的探討。 第五章 結論 就兩年的研究心得作一總結說明。
The Growth record of Chinese Painting Creation Abstract: The author used to engage in drawing people on her school days. At the very beginning, what the author wanted to achieve was merely the physical similarities and description of simple scenes. Later on, she realized the necessity that the figures in her paintings must be closely bound with their times. Furthermore, the author tried to reflect the realities of social phenomena through her art creations. After working as a school teacher for several years, the author learned to understand that educational ideals and social environment play significantly important roles in the processes of children’s personality developments. Therefore, in the contents and forms of the creation, the author aims to express children’s naives and innocence, added with media images andpatterns signifying the process of children’s growth—with an eye to enrich the creation connotation and to increase the depth of the creation. An outline of the paper is as follows: Chapter 1 Introduction: A description of the motivation, object, method and scope of the research Being engaged in teaching for six years, I am gradually conceived that educational environments and social concepts always exert profound influence over children. Therefore, I choose pre-school kids as themes of my paintings, aiming to depict both children’s innocence and how children in Taiwan are influenced by local media and educational environments. I used to be dedicated in western paintings, both in forms and in spirits. After attending NTNU, I become addict to Chinese painting, especially paintings of people. I decided to integrate both the oriental and the occidental techniques, forms, and spirits, etc. into my art creation activities. Besides, I also deepen, widen, and enrich my painting by adding pastes, graves and prints. Hoping my painting will well connect with the time, and infuse new elements into traditional Chinese painting, thus calls for the sympathy feelings on the audience. Chapter 2:Analyzing and Exploring the Essential Factors of Chinese Painting The author will explore and analyze the techniques and spheres of traditional Chinese paintings on children at play, aiming to analogize what the spheres are when engaged in creating Chinese painting. The origin of the creation begins from expressing one’s self feelings over external objects; therefore, the artist usually shows their art through three main spheres: imitating the nature, transmitting of the essence of objects, and, finally, presenting the artist’s real self. Chapter 3:The Artist’s Ideas and Practices of Art Creation The purpose of creation is to reflect our life. We can integrate the social present situation and contemporaneity into our paintings. By the paintings that we can convey the function of social enlightenment. The main contents are as far as thought be concerned: (1) reflection of the livelihood (2) conferring life subjection (3) criticize the children’s education and the social environment. The creational purse is to combine Chinese and Western’s painting techniques and emphasize the design symbol. Chapter 4:Finished Work The creational paintings are by children primarily from pure describe of daily life to discussion of social subjection. Chapter 5:Conclusion A closing summary is made for the 2-year-long research and the creative process. Keywords: Growth、Record、Ink and Color、Portrait
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